Dining Room Table Heights

Posted In Knowledge - 05/02/2017

While the standard height for a dining room table is 30 inches off the ground, today’s open concept living and on-the-go lifestyles often lend themselves to new and interesting alternatives.  Here’s the scoop on standard, counter height, bar height tables.

Standard Height Tables - 30 inches

A standard height table also referred to as a chair height table, continues to be the most common table height available.  You’ll find the widest selection of sizes, styles and finishes in dining tables and chairs at this height. As the most traditional style of table, it can be your best option if you prefer a formal look but there are plenty of contemporary and casual options to choose from as well.  If you aren’t buying your table as a dining room set, this popularity means you will find the most options in chairs at the right height to pair with your table.  Because your feet can rest flat on the ground when seated, many people find standard height chairs the most comfortable for long stretches.  So if you enjoy spending lots of quality time around the table, this could be the best choice for you.

Counter Height Tables - 36 inches

If you are looking for something a little different and unique for your dining area, consider a counter height table. At 36 inches tall, that’s about the same height as your kitchen countertops. This table is a great height for either sitting or standing. The stools are easy to get in and out of—possibly easier than standard chairs for some without being out of reach for many kids.

This height has grown in popularity for several reasons.  It is an unexpected departure from traditional height tables, people find counter height stools a better fit than bar height stools, and for families, it serves as a comfortable place for school-age kids to do homework.  You can find an increasingly broad selection counter height tables that seat two, four or even six or more people in a variety of finishes and styles.  Tip: Check the stool for comfort; be sure it has foot rests that work for you.

Bar Height Tables - 42 inches

The most casual of the options, bar height table sets are the same height found in many restaurant bars (sometimes referred to as pub height table). At 42 inches high, they are the least frequently found table height and therefore you’ll have the fewest styles to choose from. Typically bar height table sets are sized to seat two to four diners, providing a very conversational feel to your room. These can work great for a breakfast nook or small apartment dining area and can give your space a relaxed cafe or pub feel. They make it very comfortable for people to converse with each other whether seated or standing so they work well for entertaining. Families with small children will want to steer clear though, this size table tends to be too tall for the little ones.  Tip: When testing accompanying stools, be sure the footrests fall at a comfortable spot.

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