Dining Room Table Heights

Posted In Knowledge - 05/02/2017

How to Choose Which Dining Table Height is Best for Your Home

When it comes to decorating dining rooms, standard-height dining tables are often the go-to choice. However, if you're looking for something a little different, counter- and bar-height tables are stylish alternatives. As you decide which option best suits your layout and lifestyle, you'll need to consider factors like table dimensions, styles, colors and price points.

When comparing tables, form follows function. For example, though you may like the look of a tall kitchen table and coordinating bar stools, the high seating may be difficult for your little ones and elderly relatives to sit down. Keep these things in mind when choosing the best dining or kitchen table height for your home.

Standard Dining Table Height

Standard, or chair-height, tables are roughly 30 inches tall. Since this is the most common table design, there is a wider selection of available sizes, styles and finishes. When you opt for a more traditional dining table height, it can also be easier to find additional dining chairs or benches to complement your decor.

Models in this average table height are the most popular and familiar option. Because your feet can rest flat on the ground when seated, many people find standard-height dining room sets to be the most comfortable. So, if you enjoy spending lots of quality time around the table with loved ones, this might be the best choice for you.

Regular Dining Table Styles

Since this standard dining table height is the most popular, you can choose from an array of designs to suit your needs. Rectangle tables are a great choice for formal family meals, while round tables create an intimate atmosphere for face-to-face conversation. Use a mirror table to reflect light and add depth to a small space, or try a large trestle table to provide plenty of room for dinner guests.

Average-Height Table Colors and Finishes

Standard-height dining tables come in plenty of shades to complement your current palette. Black tables have a sleek, sophisticated appeal that exudes elegance. On the other hand, charming brown tables in finishes like walnut and oak lend a warmer, more inviting feel to the space. If you want to brighten up a dark room, opt for an eye-catching white dining table.

Standard-Height Dining Table Decor

Standard-height tables are especially well-suited for traditional dining rooms. Choose a style with carved details and antique accents for a stately aesthetic. If you prefer a more laidback vibe, consider casual wooden, metal or rattan tables. For the best of both worlds, opt for a versatile transitional table that mixes classic elegance and modern flair.

Average-Height Dining Table Price Points

If you're decorating on a budget, the wide availability of regular tables may work to your advantage. Shoppers can find both individual pieces and sets as low as $100 or $200. Whether you're furnishing your first place or you just want to change up your look without breaking the bank, these pieces make it easy to find what you need at an affordable price.

Counter-Height Dining Tables

If you are looking for something unique for your dining area, consider a counter-height table. At 36 inches tall, the average counter-height table is about the same level as the typical kitchen countertop, making it ideal for both sitting and standing. As a bonus, you can use the high top as a kitchen table that doubles as extra space for cooking prep.

This style of dining room seating has a number of benefits. Taller people may find counter-height stools to be more comfortable, while models with footrests provide ample support for children and shorter guests, too. Plus, counter-height dining sets are a smart choice for pet owners who want to keep dinner plates out of Fido's reach.

Counter-Height Dining Table Styles and Sizes

Depending on the size of your room and your family's needs, certain types of counter-height tables may work better for you. Small square dining sets are perfect for seating two to four people in a dinette. You can also use a glass-top option to create the illusion of more space. If you love to entertain, try an extension table that can accommodate six or more people.

Counter-Height Table Hues

Available in both vibrant and neutral shades, these tall tables can complement a wide range of color schemes. Use a muted ash gray table to tone down an orange or yellow dining room, or select an ivory option to brighten up a space with deep navy walls. Dynamic red dining sets energize your design, while tables with rich chocolate or cherry finishes give your home a cozy and timeless appeal.

Counter-Height Decor Options

Counter-height tables can suit various style preferences. Lovers of classic decor can find formal tables to promote an air of elegance for chic dinner parties. Alternatively, modern and industrial-style pieces have a relaxed, understated aesthetic. Those who prefer a cutting-edge look can choose a streamlined contemporary dining table to promote an upscale, glamorous vibe.

Counter-Height Dining Table Pricing

In some cases, counter-height tables and sets may be a little pricier than standard models. Those looking to spend under $300 can find gorgeous tall tables as well as small five-piece dining sets. If you have a wider price range, you could shop for tables that cost up to $500 or seven-piece and nine-piece sets with a higher price tag.

Bar-Height Dining Tables

One of the more casual options, pub-height or bar-height table sets is similar to those found in restaurants and bars. At 42 inches high, these dining tables are less common than standard- and counter-height options, leaving fewer choices in terms of style. Typically, bar-height tables can seat two to four diners, making them ideal for couples and smaller homes.

A bar-height dining table works well in a breakfast nook or small apartment thanks to its modest size. People can comfortably converse whether seated or standing, which makes these pieces perfect for entertaining party guests. Families with small children may want to go a different direction since these tall tables tend to be too high for little ones.

Bar-Height Table Styles

Bar-height tables are available in a variety of materials to complement your unique tastes. Tall wooden tables can give your place a relaxing casual vibe, while bar sets with supple leather embellishments bring a well-appointed feel to your dining room. If you favor a polished look, a metal table with a shimmering silver, gold or chrome finish may be the perfect option for you.

Bar-Height Sets in Every Color

Pub tables and sets in versatile shades like black, brown and gray can complement almost any kitchen or dining room palette. White bar tables work well in many setups, plus they provide a touch of brightness to contrast dark sideboards, cabinets and other decor. For seating that will truly stand out, consider a saucy red bar set or colorful yellow, green or pink barstools.

Pub Tables for Your Decor

Contemporary bar-height tables are a fitting choice for those who prefer a clean, simple look. If you want your space to feel warm and inviting, opt for a rustic bar table that suits cottage and farmhouse interiors. You can also choose traditional pub sets for a timeless appeal or opt for modern models when you want a hint of retro charm.

Bar-Height Dining Table Prices

Bar-height table prices differ depending on their size and shape, as well as any extra features they may have. For example, small bar tables and corner sets can cost around $200 or less. On the flip side, larger models like tall round dining tables and storage sets that feature stackable chairs and built-in shelves may be closer to $300 or more.

Choosing between standard, counter-height and bar-height dining tables ultimately comes down to your expected guests, budget, and decor aesthetic. Whether you choose an average-height table to seat kids as well as adults or an intimate bar-height bistro set for two, your new dining table will become the heart of your home in no time.