Dining Chair Heights

Posted In Knowledge - 05/15/2017

Just as dining tables are available in three different heights, the chairs to fit with them are as well.   An ideal pairing for comfort is about a foot difference between the seat surface and the table top.

Standard Height Chairs - A standard table is 30” tall. Your standard chair seat is about 18” off of the ground. Standard chairs tend to have taller backs than counter or bar height stools. You can find these chairs with arms – called arm chairs, or without arms – referred to as side chairs. Standard height chairs are the traditional height for a dining room set, and come in a wide variety of styles from traditional to contemporary. Options include light or dark wood finishes, upholstery with padded seats and backs or the addition of a seat cushion.

Counter Height Stools - Counter height tables are about the same height as your kitchen counter at 36”. A counter height stool seat should be about 24” off of the ground and can work as well with a counter height table as it can at a kitchen counter eating area. When looking for counter height stools and chairs, you’ll have choices of those with backs or backless and stationary or swivel seats. Consider how you will use the seat as well as space concerns. Backless stools and swivel seats are both helpful in cramped quarters. Be sure that any counter height stool you select has a foot rest for comfort.

Counter height tables and chairs are less conventional than a traditional table and will have a more casual feel in your room. They are available in style to fit any décor choice from traditional to modern.

Bar Height Stools - Bar height tables measure approximately 42” off of the ground.   A stool to match it comfortably will be about 30” in height. Barstools even more commonly have a swivel seat. You can find bar height stools with or without backs and with or without arms. For comfort, always look for a bar height stool that has a foot rest.

Barstools and bar height tables tend to be the least formal option for dining; however, you can find them in a wide variety of styles from traditional and transitional to contemporary. Barstools are a great option for entertaining since people sitting at this height can converse very comfortably with people standing.