Difference Between a Twin Bed and Full Bed

Posted In Knowledge - 08/03/2018

Choosing a Twin Bed or Full Bed

Mattress size is the distinction between twin beds and full beds. At 75 inches in length, both are long enough to fit a child or adult of average height. However, full beds are 15 inches in wider. This margin could make all the difference in comfort but may be too wide for those wanting to conserve space in small or shared rooms.

Full Bed vs. Twin Bed Options

Most furniture retailers cater to all standard measurements for twin beds or full beds. Four poster, platform and canopy designs are popular for either size. Consumers will find that frames for a twin or a full bed are readily available in both online stores and showrooms.

Twin Beds vs. Full Beds: Value Compared to Cost

For budget-conscious buyers, the price may be part of your decision. Full beds tend to be more expensive, so take time to think about whether the extra mattress width is worth the money.

Kids Beds

While great for a teen, the larger size and cost of a full bed may be less practical for a young kid's bedroom. Using a full bed vs. a twin bed for a child allows room to grow, but it also means years of wear and tear on the frame as well as the mattress. In the end, it could be better to buy a new bed once they're older. If your kids are sharing a room, often two twin beds will fit the space best.

Guest Rooms

For guest rooms, there are definite price advantages to using twin beds or full beds rather than bigger queen models. For a little-used room that is also likely to have less square footage, a smaller twin or full can be comfortable, correctly proportioned and budget-friendly. Another option is to use a twin bed with a twin size trundle drawer stored under it to pull out when needed.

Master Bedrooms

On the other hand, an adult or couple shopping for an everyday bed may prefer the width of a full bed or larger. Even single sleepers often like this slightly larger size to change position comfortably. Some couples with different mattress firmness preferences opt for two twin beds pushed together to approximate the size of a king bed.

Full Bed vs. Twin Bed Verdict

Depending on your needs, both mattresses have their benefits. Consider the size, cost, and purpose of the bed before making a choice. These factors help determine whether a full bed or twin bed will give you more peace of mind.