Difference Between a Queen Bed and King Bed

Posted In Knowledge - 06/12/2018

Sleeping Arrangements

Well-informed shoppers always make better choices, especially with something as personal and essential as a bed. There are many things to consider when picking the perfect size for your sleep style, space and budget. Depending on your needs, either a queen bed or a king bed may be the best fit.

Similarities and Differences: Queen Bed vs. King Bed

Queen MattressKing Mattress
  • 60" Wide x 80" Long
  • 76" Wide x 80" Long
  • More cost-effective
  • Price begins around $500
  • More bang for your buck
  • Price begins around $1000
  • Lighter, smaller, and easier to move
  • Great for apartments or smaller homes
  • Leaves more bedroom space for furnishings
  • Larger, more comfortable
  • Ideal for large families, homes with pets
  • Anchors a bedroom, allows sleepers to stretch out


Standard bed sizes for queen and king, are typically the same length at about 80 inches long. The major difference between mattress sizes is the width. Standard queens are 60 inches wide while kings measure 76 inches across. When shopping, watch out for unconventional models such as an Olympic queen bed or California king.  

Queen beds are usually priced lower than kings, which allows a bigger budget for comforters and accessories. On average, the frame, box spring and bedding have lower prices if you're purchasing queen-size items.

Saving Space

Residents of an apartment or smaller home may prefer a cozy queen bed vs. a king bed. Queen models take up less space in a bedroom and are easier to move. These mattresses are ideal for couples without children or large pets.  

King Mattress

Does Your Room Have Room?

Large king beds allow couples to stretch out and sleep in luxurious comfort and minimize disruption of each other’s sleep. However, when planning a bedroom, it's important to factor in nightstands and headboards. Since these mattresses are 16 inches wider than queen-sized pieces, king bed frames have a much larger footprint.

California King

The most common nonstandard mattress is the California king bed. This popular option is about 4 inches narrower than a traditional king but 4 inches longer. It's perfect for taller people, families with pets that sleep at the end of the bed and rooms that can’t quite accommodate the width of a king bed.

Making the Right Decision: Queen Beds vs. King Beds

Ultimately, each size has its benefits and drawbacks. Queen beds are versatile options for a master or spare room, while king beds have a lot more surface area for maximum relaxation and sound sleeping.

A few quick measurements will help you know whether a queen bed or a king bed is the best fit for your room. Remember that the standard mattress size is different than the dimensions of the bed frame, so collecting accurate dimensions is a must. Take into consideration things like bedroom furniture and electrical outlet locations, and you're sure to find a bed that complements your space and lifestyle.

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