Design Ideas for a Loft Space

Posted In Design - 12/16/2016

Many open concept homes are designed with a spacious landing area at the top of the stairs called a loft. Lofts by nature are open to the rest of the house and to varying degrees usually part of the flow of the hallway to other rooms. Because it’s not really a room, many wonder what exactly to do with the space – we say, don’t let it go to waste!  There are loads of possibilities on how to use it, here are just a few:

Home Office/Library – Away from the hub-bub of the main floor, the loft area can be a wonderful tucked away location for a home office space. Furnish it with a desk and a good desk chair, include task lighting.  Include a pair of comfortable reading chairs, accent tables and bookcases to create a library space.

Study Room – Create a homework area for your teens by outfitting your loft with a couple of desks, comfortable work chairs and storage for homework supplies.   Similar to a home office, but designed for your kids, include a bookcase for their school books and file cabinet or storage bins to contain completed work.

Kids Zone or Playroom – Keep the toys and Tonka trucks out of the main living spaces in your home by using your loft as a kids zone.  Set up your loft with storage options along the walls like toy boxes, bins and bookcases.  Include low seating that is comfortable for both kids and parents alike and add a kids table and chair set if there is room.  Be sure to keep floor space open for creative play and liven it up with a fun kids rug.  Keep this room light and bright, remember that while it is designed for kids to play, you’ll want to be comfortable spending time there too.

TV/Movie Room – If you want to keep the TV out of your main floor living space, or keep the TV there small so that it doesn’t overpower the rest of the room, a loft can serve as your main viewing room. Even if you have a TV downstairs, often it’s helpful to have another TV room for those times when not everyone wants to watch the same program.  If your loft has the space for it, you can go big with the TV here and include a comfy sectional or sofa/loveseat combination.  Look for media stands that can contain components, DVDs and other accessories.  Focus on comfort and lots of seating for movie night.

Teen Zone or Lounge – Create a space where your teens can hang out that is somewhat secluded without being cut-off from the rest of the house.  This space can have a TV for video games and movies, lots of comfortable seating and if there is space add a table or desk for homework, working on group projects, playing games, etc.  Keep the vibe hip and trendy.

Crafting Space or Art Studio – Do you have a favorite hobby that needs its own space? Crafters, sewers, and artists all know that projects can be on-going, and supplies need to be handy and well organized.  A loft area can be the perfect location for projects like these, you’ll want to build in storage cabinets, but since this space is open to the rest of your house, you may want the more polished look of furniture that coordinates with your other rooms.  Get creative, look at accent cabinets, media stands and even sideboards or buffets for stylish storage that can contain your clutter.  Depending on your hobby, you may need an appropriate work table or desk, some chairs and lots of task lighting to keep your workspace functional day and night.

Home Gym or Yoga Studio – Keep your fitness options convenient and ever-present by turning your loft into a fitness space.  Keep the furniture to a minimum to maximize floor space. Move-in your weights, elliptical machine, yoga mat, exercise ball or whatever you use to stay fit.  Install a small fridge to keep cold drinks handy, and have some storage options like baskets, a small chest or an accent cabinet to keep essentials like towels handy.

Since your loft is a room of its own that doesn’t necessarily flow into other spaces, you have more liberty with style than in other rooms of your home.  Feel free to look for furniture, décor and accessories that have unique character and flair.

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