Cottagecore Decor

Posted In Design - 11/11/2020

What is Cottagecore?

Making your Home Feel Homier

There’s been buzz about a new trend called CottageCore, many are wondering what exactly it’s all about. If the term is new to you, here’s the scoop. It revolves around a wholesome, pastoral aesthetic based on the romantic ideal of natural, rural life.  Including a focus on self-sufficiency, there has been a recent resurgence in homey, traditional pastimes like baking your own bread, tending your vegetable garden, making candles, and sewing or knitting clothing items.  This trend has made its way into home décor as well with quaint home-crafted looks, pastel colors, flowy movement, rustic finishes and supple textures.  Picture a delightfully lived-in yet somewhat cluttered space, filled with interesting necessities and one-of-a-kind handmade items.  Above all it feels cozy, like a comfy, floaty, cotton floral dress or soft, worn-in overalls.

Cottagecore Color Profile - Subtle Neutrals

In a busy space filled with useful items kept close at hand, neutrals in your furnishings don’t compete with the home-spun energy.  Whether you are looking for new furniture pieces, or refinishing timeworn treasures, fill your space with relaxed tones that easily blend with each other, while enveloping you like a warm hug.  Subtle neutrals in the beige or gray range can create a foundation that supports heathery accents like country blue and gingerbread. This two tone wood table and sideboard set has a cherished, lived-in feel … the perfect complement to soothing mossy greens and burnished bronzes.

Surround Yourself with Treasures

Fill shelves with curated clutter comprised of unique items like handed-down items, vintage finds, eccentric gadgets, and antique objects. Especially in the kitchen, keep useful items handy by displaying frequently used tools and ingredients on shelves, racks and hutches.  This slightly busy look lends a resourceful spirit to your space while creating a one-of-a-kind aesthetic.

Floral Patterns

Make your décor bloom with floral motifs and patterns, adding charm or enchanting flair to any room.  Cultivate a mix of pansies and posies or roses and rhododendrons, the options and color possibilities are wide.  Easy additions are accents like toss pillows and rugs, or wall art and silk arrangements.  But don’t forget to search unique applications like lamp shades, a jar of dried blossoms, or curtains.

Country Plaids

Embrace plaids and other traditional patterns that fit your room like a cozy flannel shirt. Wrap your room in looks that will make you want to sink in and stay a while.  Blues have a soothing, relaxing feel but neutrals and greens also work really well in this application. Comfy accent chairs in a check pattern accomplish this look, or choose from plaid rugs in warm and subtle shades.

Keep things Dreamy

Go for billowy soft layers on the bed.  Incorporate natural wood finishes with rustic or live wood edges on furniture pieces.  Achieve a relaxed feel by showcasing natural fibers like cotton and linen.  Add shelves full of knick-knacks, woven baskets for storage, and plush rugs to amp up the effect. The feel is soft and comfy – don’t worry if those fabrics wrinkle, that just adds to the charm.

Embrace Textures and Patterns

Incorporating rustic wood, nubby textures in area rugs, and patterns in neutral shades add to the homey feel of your space.  Select rugs and pillows that add dimension to your current fabric assortments.  Plush textiles like sheepskin pillows or chunky throws crafted from thick hand-looped yarn help enhance the look.

Slip into Comfort

Slipcover seating sets provide that laid-back, informal look that works well in this reimagined Cottage style. If you prefer a coordinated, matching look you’ll find plenty of choices to achieve your vision, but if you feel like being a little more adventurous then don’t be afraid to mix in some different styles, colors, textures and patterns. You’ll end up with a space that has a feeling of a hand-picked collection, strategically acquired over many years.

Metal Nuances

Metal accents like doors on a rustic accent cabinet or exposed cages on farmhouse wall sconces add charm and dimension to your space.  You’ll also find that plenty of vintage items such as lanterns, tools and keepsakes can add a rich, well-worn patina to your décor.  Dark and weathered metals add contrast to the light and soft textiles throughout your space.

So if you are feeling at-one with nature and the simpler things in life these days and are looking for a soft, comfy place to land during trying times, incorporate a little CottageCore style and furnishings into your life.  You’ll end up with a warm, welcoming home that keeps all your necessities close at hand as it celebrates the joys and pastimes in your life.


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