Blue Living Room Design Ideas

Posted In Tips & Trends - 05/18/2021

Blue is a timeless color. It can remind us of the sky, the ocean or even a frosty winter day when properly harnessed. Feng Shui describes blue as a color that offers calm and relaxing energies—making it an ideal candidate for living rooms!

Blue Living Room Design Inspiration

Blue living room designs can take one of two routes: using blue as a primary point of focus or as a complementary color. For the bold; painting an entire wall a deep navy blue can captivate one’s attention immediately. For the subtle; several wispy, light-blue paintings can offer a flare of Spring. These room design ideas are sure to help inspire your next interior project.

Light Blue Cape Cod Design by Kate Singer

Light Blue Cape Code Design by Kate Singer

This blue living room features wispy blue accents to complement the oceanic Cape Cod look. The space showcases several contemporary elements to offer an intriguing balance with the more prevalent traditional design theme. The light blue accent chairs, the powerful purple flowers, and the almost esoteric blue painting all showcase just how inviting the color blue can be.

Dark Blue Paneled Living Room by Nicole Thompson

Dark blue paneled living room by Nicole Thompson

This living room showcases a masterful balance of deep blues that manage to impress without becoming moody. The use of natural materials and timeless furniture design creates a down-to-Earth feel that would make anyone feel welcome and relaxed. The use of natural plants helps keep things lively as well!

Sophisticated Blue Living Room by Kristine Hall

Sophisticated blue living room by Kristine Hall

This moody masterpiece showcases a brilliant balance of dark blues, purples, and turquoises. The traditional structure has a unique refreshed appearance courtesy of the modern color palette, the inspired furniture selections, and the energetic accent colors. Designer Kristine Hall uses this space to prove that the lines between styles can be ignored so long as one knows what they’re doing.

Bohemian Blue Living Room by Toledo Geller

Bohemian blue living room by Toledo Geller

The eclectic furniture selection for this space gives it a truly unique and bohemian feel. On paper, this living room might not sound like the brilliantly bold blue design it is but seeing is believing! The large blue area rug, the subtlety-blue upholstery, and the marvelous blue trim all work in harmony to make an unmistakably blue impression. The ample natural light helps this space feel as inviting as it is gorgeous.

Blue on Blue Paneled Room by Morgan Hunt

Blue on blue paneled room by Morgan Hunt

This is one of the most adventurous showcases of blue you’ll find. The dark blue paneling design by Morgan Hunt creates a stage on which the window trim, bookcase, and traditional loveseat all coalesce in an ocean of color. The light window dressings and inspiringly large area rug help keep this space’s color palette well-balanced. The tall ceilings and ample natural light keep this space lively and inviting.

Bold Blue & Modern Art by Stephen Pappas Interiors

Bold blue & modern art by Stephen Pappas Interiors

This bold blue living room design by Stephen Pappas Interiors features a medley of stylistic showcases. The chic fluffy chair, the bold modern artwork, and the eclectic choice of accent pillows all form a beautiful balance in this high-ceiling, open floorplan design. The dark hardwood flooring makes the palette of blues stand out in such a good way in this Los Angeles living room.

Classic Blue Living Room by Karen Kempf

Classic blue living room by Karen Kempf

This traditional blue living room displays a masterful use of clean whites to help refine traditional elements without sacrificing their historic presence. The modern blue palette is showcased atop the white which serves as an elegant canvas. The subtle use of gold accents and modern furniture selection make this space truly inspirational.

Bold American Colonial Blue Living Room by RiccoStyle

Bold american colonial blue living room by RiccoStyle

The American Colonial style captures us in reverie as centuries of history are captured by period architectural elements and building materials. This colonial revitalization project by RiccoStyle has been remodeled and decorated to reflect an inspiring contemporary update that unleashes vibrant energy throughout the home.