9 Best Eco-Friendly & Organic Bean Bag Chairs

Posted In Tips & Trends - 05/18/2021

Organic bean bag chairs are practical and easily recognizable furniture pieces. Their origin dates back to ancient Egypt, China and even early native American societies deeply attuned to their environment.

Essentially, bean bags were crafted purely from organic materials such as animal tissue, cotton, sand, pebbles and even dry beans. These stood as useful seating and resting pieces for leisure activities, games, meditation, and even martial arts.

You can say that presently, furniture pieces are generally returning to their roots as a way to better preserve and connect ourselves with our environment. Inevitably, this makes eco-friendly bean bags as trendy as they’re relevant, especially in light of their utility and convenience.

Furniture pieces with a Natural Origin

For many years bean bags have been exceptional and affordable home additions. They’re great for reading, taking naps, browsing on tablets and playing with pets (dogs and cats love them!). They are also super-useful for social occasions such as hosting movie nights, small parties and watching sports events.

Bean Bag Chair Filler

Before presenting you with our favorite eco-friendly bean bag chairs, we wanted to share some natural bean bag fillings from some of the best furniture brands. We are confident that these bean bag filling alternatives will keep your chairs comfortable and help preserve the environment.

Biofoam® Refill from The Big Bean Bag Company

Biofoam bean bag chair filler

This bean bag filling alternative presents a compostable form of vegetable extract that has been expanded into eco-friendly pearls, making it possible to be absorbed by soils and water bodies without negative consequences. It’s also a child and pet-friendly product, just keep in mind that given their size these are still considered a choking hazard.

Organic Kapok Fiber Fill Stuffing from Bean Products

organic kapok fiber filling for bean bag products

The Organic Kapok Fiber is one of the most reliable bean bag filling alternatives in the market. The Organic Kapok Fiber is an excellent substitute for any polyester material present at home and is considered the go-to choice for anyone with latex allergies.

These natural bean bag fillings are safe to use in any organic bean bag chair model and will keep your carbon footprint to a minimum. With that out of the way, let’s take a look at 9 of the best organic bean bag chairs.

The ComfyBean Cotton Lounger

ComfyBean cotton bean bag lounger

Bean Products is known for its adult bean bags, but they also create comfy bean bag chairs in kid sizes. The ComfyBean model features a 100% cotton sewed sack that can come with embroideries of your choosing. The ComfyBean is also fully customizable in size, allowing you to conveniently custom-fit them to any room.

The Pure French Linen Doux Bean Bag

Pure French linen doux bean bag chair

I Love Linen is a rising Australian furnishing provider with a delightful catalog. Their eco-friendly approach and their local curator’s work allow them to offer high-quality items that give your home a modern appeal.

When it comes to organic furniture solutions, their Doux Bean Bag can be considered a luxury item. This organic bean bag chair features a smooth linen texture that invites you to sit back and relax for the rest of the evening.

TotalFolks Lazy Lounger

TotalFolks lazy lounger bean bag chair

The LazyLounger strikes a perfect balance between premium materials usage and budget-friendly price tags. This comfy bean bag chair comes with a linen sack and a premium zip at the bottom for enhanced strength and durability. The handle at its top makes it easy to move around the home as needed, making it a super-convenient organic bean bag chair.

The Wales Shredded Foam Bean Bag Chair

Wales shredded foam bean bag chair

The Wales Shredded Foam model from Majestic Home Goods is another top-notch organic bean bag chair. This eco-friendly bean bag chair comes generously filled with a shredded premium foam that dynamically adapts to your body. This comfy bean bag chair comes with an ergonomic design that perfectly fits into any living room or entertainment room, making it a top pick.

Nature’s Garden Bean Bag from Beachside Style

Nature's Garden bean bag chair

When it comes to eco-friendly bean bag chairs, few are as colorful as Nature’s Garden Bean Bag. Kelly Ripa imagined a piece that could add a refreshing splash of color that girls of any age would love in their rooms. Fill this gorgeous bean bag with any of the bean bag filling alternatives mentioned earlier. Doing so will ensure your organic bean bag chair remains comfortable and environmentally friendly.

Three Posts Teen Bean Bag Sofa

Bean bag sofa chairs

Most adult bean bags are designed to fit one person, which is why we’d like to present a stylish option that breaks the mold: the Three Post Teen Bean Bag Sofa!

This large bean bag sofa is crafted from polyester and features a double-stitched cover that sustains considerable pressure. Ordering it from Wayfair allows you to select an eco-friendly recycled foam for its filling, making this big bean bag chair a convenient and unique addition to your home.

The Cielo Chair & Ottoman

Cielo beanbag chair and ottoman

Bean Bags R Us brings us their original take of an organic bean bag chair through their Cielo Chair & Ottoman model. This set features soft linen and delicate exposed stitching to project refined luxury in five different colors, allowing it to adapt to a wide range of color schemes.

This versatile 2-set piece also conveniently fits in bedrooms, living rooms and dorm rooms in need of additional seating. With stellar back and limb support, the Cielo Chair & Ottoman model prioritizes comfort and style above all else.

The Luna Bean Bag by Life!

Luna bean bag by Life

The talented Life! furniture design team designed the Luna Bean organic bean bag chair for contemporary or minimalist rooms. This eco-friendly bean bag chair comes with a structured higher base seat for improved back support, allowing you to easily lift yourself from the chair. Whether you’re enjoying a fantastic book or gaming on your console, this high-quality comfy bean bag chair will keep you cozy and relaxed at all times.

The Sunset & Orca Bean Bag

Sunset & Orca bean bag chair

The Sunset & Orca is a comfy bean bag chair ideal for large and reduced spaces alike. This eco-friendly bean bag chair also features a vibrant contrasting color that will instantly energize any room with positive vibes. The 100% cotton cover imbued with fire-retardant calico is icing on the cake and turns the piece into a smoking household favorite.

Final Thoughts About Bean Bag Chairs

Organic bean bags are trending. The need to seek budget-friendly solutions that preserve the environment has never been greater. Thankfully, organic bean bags from the best online furniture stores are not only stylish and eco-friendly, but they’re also affordable!