8 Beautiful Feng Shui Dining Room Ideas

Posted In Tips & Trends - 05/20/2021

The dining room is one of the most multifunctional rooms in a house. It’s most commonly used as a social meeting place, where its residents can gather and share quality moments with their loved ones over a nice meal. But it can also be used as a briefing room for professional meetings, a place for learning and education, or a magnificent décor centerpiece.

Feng Shui happens to offer many ways to decorate your dining room to create a vibrant feeling of harmony and mindfulness. It’s even able to create an environment that is deeply attuned with any activities you wish to host and promote in your dining room, regardless of whether they’re social or professional in nature. These beautiful feng shui dining room ideas will help you create an area that resonates with your soul and deepest wants and desires. Let’s begin!

Call Forth the Metal Element with a Round Table


Insert Design Studio recreated these beautiful feng shui dining room ideas during their second Newport Coast project. Circular shapes are capable of channeling the Taoist metal element, making this two-toned round table a very clever choice (especially since it can expand and host as many as 10 guests at a time). The medium-tone wood floor and delicate beige walls connect with the Earth element, favoring partnerships and connections, making it an ideal choice for a highly social dining room.

Incorporate Plants into Your Dining Room


This transitional dining room was developed by Urrutia Design, and it’s full of beautiful feng shui dining room ideas. This luxurious dining room heavily focuses on the Earth and Water element, represented by the room’s brown and black tones respectively. This color combination favors partnerships, and career success, making this room an ideal spot for business lunches or meetings. The room’s life energy and vitality come from plants that were cleverly added throughout the room, and are frankly, a masterful addition that seals the composition as something truly special.

Position Your Dining Room to Leverage Bagua


This gorgeous contemporary feng shui dining room was created by the Gary Lee Partners team. Exposed column dining rooms are known to favor two Bagua (also known as Feng Sui Zones). The Zhen and Xun Bagua represent family and abundance, respectively. This dining room efficiently channels energies that strengthen familial bonds, while inviting forces that promote an abundance of food and prosperity. The room also features delicate contrasts between its furniture, which are crowned by these state-of-the-art Lucerne Hanging Lights.

Turn Your Dining Room into a Conference Room


This beautiful feng shui dining room idea comes to us from Feng Shui Style. Right off the bat, we’re able to see some incredibly favorable balance between the elements and furniture choice that tap into Feng Shui energies. The gorgeous walnut table’s oval shape evenly distributes energies in the room and helps its occupants feel more welcome and at ease. The white chairs with metallic details channel the Metal element from Taoism, which promotes efficiency.

The energies put forth by the furniture encourage teamwork, knowledge, and efficient output, all of which are essential ingredients in a professional environment. The plant at the end of the table infuses the room with vitality, energizing the team members throughout the meeting. It’s evident that a lot of thought and planning went into creating this conference room, even beyond its gorgeous aesthetics.

Fun fact: Jennifer personally refurbished this dining room table, created the paintings and painted the wall herself! Be sure to check more of the work featured on her website.

Maximize Natural Light in Your Dining Room


Janice Sugita curated these beautiful feng shui dining room ideas as part of a kitchen remodeling project in Los Angeles. The Taoist elements are masterfully balanced in this composition: the dining room’s circular shape evenly distributes the Feng Shui energies present in the room, while simultaneously channeling the Metal element’s beauty.

The brown gradient present in the polished wooden floor, chairs and cabinetry taps into the Earth element’s ability to foster partnerships between family members. The black accents channel the Water element’s wisdom needed to build a stable, healthy home. The abundant natural lighting that showers the room empowers the elements and shows how important it is in Feng Shui design.

Add a Rug to Your Dining Room


Eiko Okura designed this marvelous dining room, and it features a high level of knowledge and balance of the Taoist elements that few designers can achieve. The Earth element is predominant in the room, and its exquisite gradient of brown tones boosts health and encourages stronger bonds amongst those present. The white accents favor beauty, and delicately contrast the existing brown gradient.

The rug adds balance and depth to this wonderful composition: its black and beige pattern channel the Water element, associated with wisdom and inclusion. The pattern unifies knowing thyself, and the wisdom required to accept others, both of which are necessary to foster strong familial bonds and prosperity. This level of synergy between the elements is no coincidence, and it further proves how essential a rug can be in this major social hub.

Creatively Bold Feng Shui


Renovation Space created this gorgeous composition of traditional and contemporary elements that tap into Feng Shui’s energies. Two elements are predominantly at play here: the Earth element (represented by the various brown tones) and the Metal element (represented by the room’s white walls and furniture). This healthy balance between beauty and health calls upon prosperity in the dining room. This particular combination also encourages new beginnings and creativity, which further explains the exquisite antique vases and sculptures that populate the custom built-in shelf and art display.

Add an Earthen, Custom-Made Lamp


Meera Thomas designed this stunning dining room, filled with creativity and amazing feng shui energy flow. The Earth element, represented by the various tones of brown, crowns the area and provides seating and nurturing to owners and guests alike. The carpet and chair color choices are incredibly rich since gray encompasses the white tone’s clarity and the black tone’s wisdom.

Many schools of Feng Shui believe gray promotes hospitality, making it a very fitting color to have in such a social area. The dominant chairs at the end of the table are black, channeling the water element’s wisdom onto the head of the family. Greenery also populates the area, significantly boosting the presence of life energy in the room.

Final Thoughts About Feng Shui Dining Rooms

Feng Shui is all about creating environments that channel the energy you’ll need for room-specific activities. Having said that, Feng Shui has many schools, each with its own approach and interpretations of this wonderful philosophy that often clash. We recommend you try to create spaces that channel positive, joyful energies in your day to day and only delve into Bagua once you’re ready to take the next step into Feng Shui philosophy. We hope you’ve enjoyed these accomplished designer’s unique takes on Feng Shui and found them of use for your next project!