9 Beautiful Asian Zen Hallway Ideas

Posted In Tips & Trends - 05/27/2021

Zen in interior design is all about surrounding yourself with anything that pleases your senses, provides comfort, and feels welcoming to you and others. Zen philosophy is also oriented towards cultivating conscious awareness and tranquility, which is why it’s quickly becoming such a popular school of design in these convulsed and strange times.

Hallways are an essential part of any home since they connect all the rooms in the house. But in Zen style, they represent the act of passage, as well as the flow of life and the endless opportunities it offers. This makes them vital spaces that both accompany the home’s occupants and spark quiet anticipation. We invite you to take a look at these beautiful Asian Zen hallway ideas we’ve decided to feature today.

Circular Hallways


The first beautiful Asian Zen hallway ideas come to us from Mark Dziewulski. The circle is a prominent shape in Zen philosophy, in fact, the Enso Circle represents freedom, concentration and attention to the present moment. The freedom to transition into different rooms and all they offer is perfectly represented by this stunning hallway. Its beauty lies in its simplicity: devoid of unnecessary clutter, the hallway is flanked by ample windows that provide natural lighting during the day, and crowned by LED Ceiling Lights that illuminate your path in the evening. This hallway invites us to cut down on décor, and let its uniformity and architecture speak for itself.

Create Calming Contrasts


The following beautiful Asian Zen hallway ideas were recreated by Whipple Russel Architects. Zen interior designs favor the use of natural materials, which are accurately represented by the polished dark wood floors. Notice how the dark flooring creates a serene contrast with the white walls and its scarce, yet breathtaking décor. The art functions as a sophisticated art gallery that accompanies you through your journey between rooms, creating anticipation for the wonders to come.

Incorporate Glass into Your Hallways


Chris Pardo from Elemental Architecture designed and curated this gorgeous Zen hallway. Some interior designers choose to sprinkle décor throughout the hallway as a way to lead guests across their path into other areas of the house. Elemental Architecture breaks the mold by using ample windows that reveal the property’s modern patio to the left while connecting with the property’s stairways to the right. It’s the perfect combination of anticipation and elegant reveal you’ll want your guests to experience as they traverse through your home.

Use Sculptures & Art as Decor


The beautiful Asian Zen hallway ideas we’re about to review come to us from Zack de Vito Architecture + Construction. This project was carefully designed for an art-collecting couple in San Francisco, which is immediately evident by the towering Buddhist guardian angel statues that greet you through this ample hallway. The choices in color palette and floorings represent clear transitions between areas of the house. The property’s inner sanctum is marked by gentle tones of gray, specifically the 2’x4′ stone tiles on the floor and the light grey panels distributed across the ceiling. The hallway also features paintings and other sculptures to indicate room entrances elegantly. Truly a wonderful Zen hallway.

Minimalist Padded Hallway


Our next featured project contrasts with the previous beautiful Asian Zen hallway ideas in terms of décor. Saniee Architects decided to stick to Zen’s minimalist roots, and instead opted to incorporate delicate carpeted floors and gorgeous Shoji screens to guard the occupants from the elements. These stunning Shoji screens were brought from Kyoto all the way to New York to guarantee authenticity and utmost quality, but it’s possible to order similar pieces from local vendors. These elegant doors heavily favor natural lighting, which perfectly ties in with the Asian Zen style’s illumination.

Install Ceramic Flooring


This project from GDFS Engineers inspires beautiful Asian zen hallways ideas for large homes with equally spacious living areas. This mind-blowing limestone property features wide hallways that many could struggle to decorate without resorting to clutter. They opted to install huge ceramic floors throughout the hallway that matched the ample windows and door frames, instead of traditional wooden floors. This floor perfectly reflects the natural lighting to instill serene tranquility and a sense of nirvana, where earth and skies meet in this peaceful paradise. Notice how the artwork plays a secondary role in the hallway’s decoration to let the ceramic floor and lighting marvel the mind.

Add Greenery to Your Hallways


The following Asian hallway remodel comes to us from Techno Architecture in Bengaluru, and it’s nothing short of incredible. The graceful skylight crowns the balcony and allows natural lighting to majestically flood the property during the day. The hallway is delicately decorated with greenery that perfectly blends with the dark wood handrails, giving it a very nature-attuned Zen vibe to the villa.

Employ Flooring Combinations


Dunn Carpentry
 managed to recreate these beautiful Asian zen hallways ideas in a rather large property. True to Zen style’s essence, the hallways and sliding doors all feature natural materials that masterfully contrast with the property’s white walls. However, the hallway’s dark wood flooring also serves a unique purpose: to create anticipation. Each room features unique flooring: tiled floors in the home office, rugged areas, or ceramics for the living room that reveal themselves as the sliding doors are opened. During the evening, several 3-Light Wall Sconces delicately illuminate the large hallways, adding mystery and a dose of lux to your journey.

Add Windows As Decor


This mesmerizing Zen hallway was designed by Fritz Architecture-Urbanism. This team of accomplished professionals decided to incorporate several windows that both illuminate the hallway and offer beautiful views to its occupants while encasing artificial décor to the end of the hallway. This ensures that the hallway remains functional while maintaining a calm overall look. Hallways are traditionally regarded as enclosed spaces, yet by incorporating these windows alongside them, a certain sense of openness is naturally instilled. Truly marvelous.

Final Thoughts About Asian Zen Hallways

For hallways to remain functional, they tend to gravitate towards minimalists approaches, which also perfectly play into Zen décor philosophy. As you might’ve noticed, this causes many designers to rely on flooring combinations, delicate furniture, and natural sources of lighting to switch things up. These beautiful Asian zen hallway ideas are guaranteed to infuse your hallways with that inspiring, peaceful atmosphere capable of turning homes into personal sanctuaries without breaking the bank. So, feel free to experiment and get those Zen vibes back into your temple!