Ebony Furniture

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Give yourself the freedom to change your palette whenever you like with ebony furniture and decor. Versatile black upholstery and finishes coordinate with every color, so you can switch from soothing neutrals to bold jewel tones without changing your layout. Decorative ebony accents also add contrast as well as depth to your color scheme, giving interiors a visual boost. More

Starting Small with Sable and Ebony Accents

If you want to experiment with the black decor in your home, begin with light touches. Jet-black mounted shelves contrast beautifully against neutral walls and put a spotlight on unique display items. Or, consider arranging an ebony runner or round hand-tufted rug on carpet or hardwood floors. Look for floral patterns, bold borders or solid color rugs to coordinate with your decor style.

You can also enhance your living room, den or bedroom with black tables and other stylish yet practical accents. Consider ebony side tables for your family room, or pick up a sleek jet-black organizer to store and display watches, jewelry and cuff links in the master bedroom.

Using Black Furniture in Your Home

When you want to try ebony furniture, you'll have plenty of options for every room. Check out the following ideas to bring this versatile hue into different parts of your home:

  • Living Room: Whether your tastes run traditional or ultra-modern, there are ebony living room sets for every style. Combine a black sectional with a cocktail or lift-top storage ottoman and style your new layout with toss pillows and throws to coordinate with your palette.
  • Main Bedrooms and Guest Rooms: Outfitting bedrooms with black furniture lets you change up your bedding and wall paint whenever the mood strikes. Choose sable nightstands to complement a classic bed frame, or select ebony two-drawer bedside tables and six-drawer dressers in modern minimalist rooms that need a little extra storage space.
  • Kids' Bedrooms and Nurseries: Adaptable ebony bunk beds keep shared rooms from feeling crowded and provide a solid backdrop for decor as kids' tastes evolve from cartoons and toys to more sophisticated interests. In nurseries, pair an ebony convertible crib with twin bed rails alongside a jet-black changing table for a layout that delivers timeless appeal.