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After a long day there’s nothing better than relaxing on the sofa. And here you’ll find the comfiest options, from sleek leather to plush microfiber, traditional to modern styles to complement your home, and accommodating features that’ll take relaxing to the next level, including reclining options, built-in cup holders and storage compartments. Let the stress melt away while you kick back on one of these stylish and comfortable sofas.

5 Tips for Buying the Right Sofa for Your Living Room
The sofa is the centerpiece of your living room design. Since this piece of living room furniture could be the most used item in your home, it should be both beautiful and functional. Follow our five tips to find a sofa that creates the perfect look for your room.

What Will Fit in Your Room?
Before you start shopping for a new sofa, measure and determine the maximum dimensions your room and doorways can handle. Nothing will ruin your day like watching the delivery people take back your lovely sofa because it won’t fit into your home. Standard sofa widths can vary from 74 to 90 inches. So know your space limitations before you begin shopping.

Sofa Style Is Not About Stealing the Show
Since your sofa will likely be the largest piece of furniture in your living room, be careful about the pattern you choose. Your sofa will determine the style of everything else in the room. So choose a color and pattern that’s in harmony with the other furniture and accessories.

Remember the Classics
There is more to the look of your sofa than its fabric. Consider your sofa's silhouette and shape. There’s a reason some furniture designs are considered classic—it is because they have stood the test of time. In a few months, you don’t want to be unhappy with your living room because it looks dated. Styles like the club sofa, the camelback, or the chesterfield, for example, will help you create a smart, timeless look.

Think Inside the Box for Sofa Cushions
Much like a mattress, sofa cushions benefit from regular flipping. When possible, choose a sofa that has fully reversible cushions with supportive box construction. This will help your sofa keep its shape, and will limit the sagging that makes a sofa look old before its time.

Maybe It’s Not a Sofa at All
There is no rule that living rooms have to have a sofa. Depending on the look you are going for and the size of your living room, other seating options might better suit your needs. You could consider grouping together four club chairs or opting for a couple of loveseats.

Buying your new sofa is an investment of time and money. We hope these five tips make it easier and more rewarding.