Butterfly Bedroom

Butterfly Wall Decor, Bedding, Etc.

Decor for butterfly bedrooms includes a range of colors that kids love. From bright greens to vibrant reds, these pieces suit a variety of palettes. Choose a lavender collection for your nursery, or select a patchwork quilt with blue and pink squares for your tween's butterfly bedroom.More

Bedding can serve as a decorative focal point in butterfly bedrooms. A print bedspread with coordinating sheets makes your child's room seem whimsical yet curated. Whether they prefer abstract, stylized or realistic images, it's easy to make a beautifully detailed comforter the star of a butterfly bedroom.

Themed furniture and decor take a teen or tween butterfly bedroom to the next level. Select a vanity and upholstered stool to give your high schooler a place to get ready for the day. A large mirror with winged borders is a chic accent for a modern layout, while vintage butterfly bedroom lamps fit in seamlessly with shabby chic or traditional bedroom furniture.

Butterfly bedrooms truly take flight with just a few final touches. Let butterflies flutter across the walls in the form of decals, or use throw pillows to add color and texture to your bedding. Curtains, hampers and clocks with wing and floral designs are practically essential in butterfly bedrooms, too.