Slide Bunk Beds

Bunk Beds Sets with Slides

A child's room needs to provide not only a place to sleep, but also a place to play. A bunk bed with slide fulfills both needs sufficiently while saving space at the same time. Slide bunk beds also serve a functional purpose, as small children no longer have to go through the trouble of navigating a ladder to get down from the top bunk. Instead, they can use the slide to reach the floor quickly and enjoyably.

Function & Design
Bunk beds with slides typically function as loft beds, though a secondary bed may still be used as the bottom bunk. In other styles, the space beneath the upper bunk serves as a tented play area, a work area with a desk, or even room for additional storage or dressers. Parents may need to address concerns over safety, as the slide can present overactive children with opportunities to fall or injure themselves if used incorrectly.

Universal Appeal
Bunks with slides appeal to boys and girls of all ages, as well as parents looking for ways to maximize a small space for multiple sleepers or active players. Some of the more whimsical selections include castle-inspired bunk beds, complete with towers, and bunk beds designed to resemble houses, with sleeping space up top and a play area down below.