Kids Beds

Beds for Children's Room

Kids beds come in all shapes and sizes. Whether you’re looking for your toddler’s first bed or something for your growing teen, here you’re sure to find exactly what you need. Choose from various styles and designs, from modern pieces with fun themes to classic and timeless beds that’ll last through childhood. Discover kids beds with storage cubbies, space for trundles, bunk beds and loft beds, and other styles perfect for boys and girls. Whatever your need, we can help you find the right kids bed for your little one. More

How to Choose Kids Beds

Choosing the right kids bed is key to creating a room that allows imaginative play, as well as peaceful sleep. You'll want to pick one that fits your child's needs as they continue to grow. To find the right balance between practicality and the preferences of your kids, be sure to consider all your options.

Budget & Size

Parents want their children to be safe, so the trick is finding a sturdy kids bed that also fits into their budget. To save money and space, pick bunk beds, beds with storage features, or loft beds that incorporate desks and shelves. These pieces are perfect in apartments or for families with more than one child. If space isn't an issue, full-sized kids beds will still fit your budget and long-term needs.

If budget isn’t an issue, there are fun castle and tree fort beds to choose from. But remember, as your child grows, his or her interests will change frequently. If budget is an issue, investing in a fairly neutral kids bed frame that can provide them the room to grow physically as well as mentally and emotionally is key. Save money by capturing their imagination with the bedding you put on it instead.


When selecting the style of your kid's bed, it's important to find one that fits your child's personality. Once you have a bed they're happy with, building out the rest of the room is easy. Parents like the traditional look of poster, sleigh, and panel frames because there's plenty of available matching pieces. Kids may prefer the adventure and playfulness of bunk or loft beds.

Bunk Beds

A great way to save space in a shared bedroom, bunk beds have had a long tradition in kids rooms. Today’s bunk beds are available in wood or metal in every style from traditional to modern. When shopping you’ll notice twin over twin, full over full or twin over full configurations. To make the most of tight quarters keep an eye out for upgraded features like built-in desks, drawers, shelves and storage steps.

Loft Beds

Loft beds allow you to open up more floor space in your child’s room. Junior lofts (sometimes called captain’s beds) are ideal for younger children as they are much lower than a standard loft but still leave room for a dresser for storage or cozy seat to create a reading nook. Full lofts create space for play, a homework station, a futon, storage or whatever suits your needs. Available in wood finishes or metal construction, these space extending pieces are popular with parents and kids alike.

Regardless of what you choose, there's a style perfect for everyone. If you are leaning toward a bunk or loft bed, look for safety features and labeling that assures you of its compliance with safety laws and industry standards.

Materials & Color

Most children's beds are constructed from wood and can be stained or painted to fit your design preferences. Wood is durable, long-lasting, and one of the safest materials for your children to climb on and grow with. Some frames are metal, which is lightweight and less expensive. Metal frames are offered in multiple colors and may be treated for scratch resistance.