10 Calming Bedroom Ideas To Create a Relaxing Sanctuary

Calming Bedroom

Universal Furniture

Universal Furniture

The bedroom has traditionally served as a place of sleep — but nowadays, it goes far beyond that. Whether it’s your wellness sanctuary or a space to mentally unplug with a digital detox, it’s a rare and intimate space where you can truly find restorative rest. If you want to elevate your relaxation, here are 10 interior design styling tips to bring more serenity and calm to your bedroom.

Go one-color but never one-note



Light natural hues — like cream, dove gray, or robin’s egg— are a popular calming color scheme for small bedrooms, as they tend to make a space look bigger and airier. But if you’re worried about things looking too sterile and empty, consider going fully monochrome. This color drenching effect is a favorite trick of interior designers because it creates a peaceful and cocooning effect. Plus, there’s nothing like a coordinated and complementary look to immediately put you at ease. 

Embrace curves

Upholstered Beds

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Take the edge off, literally, with curvy furniture and sculptural decor. A lasting trend that made a roaring comeback in 2020, these curvaceous forms are beloved for how they add a sense of comfort and coziness. From rounded headboards to bubble-like lamps to curvy accent chairs that feel like a warm hug, there are a lot of ways to add this trend to your home in a way that feels authentically you. Plus, it’s a lot harder to stub your toes on the corner of a rounded bed frame.  

Pile on the layers

Throw Blankets
Instead of adding visual interest through busy colors and patterns, we recommend adding textures for a more mellow pop. Set a foundation with breathable high-quality sheets and linens — to keep you cool and comfortable through the night — then pile on the decorative pillows, throw blankets, and quilts. There’s nothing that looks inviting than a bed styled with soft and plush layers. You’ll want to dive in every night.

Put it out of sight, out of mind


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There’s a reason we collectively find cleaning and organizing videos so peaceful. There’s something about everything having its own place, decluttered and orderly, that feels right. The same theory applies to your bedroom. For larger pieces like clothes and linens, we recommend large dressers, chests, and even multifunctional storage beds and benches. If you have smaller clutter you need to tuck out of sight, consider artful woven baskets that serve as functional decor. As we mentioned before, having coordinated pieces can enhance the calming vibe, which is why bedroom sets are so popular. Pro tip: Incorporate different heights in your storage pieces (tall armoire, shorter dresser, etc.) to create more of a visual interest. 

Soften the lighting

Table Lamps


Lighting can instantly set the mood in any room and space — as well as affect your circadian rhythm to help you fall asleep and wake rejuvenated. For a calming bedroom aesthetic, it’s imperative that you create a dim and ambient lighting setup. Instead of cold and harsh overhead fluorescent lighting, go for a layered lighting approach, created with warm and soothing light sources from multiple heights and corners — for example, a combination of floor lamp, sconce, pendant, and table lamps. And yes, dimmers are your best friend when it comes to finding the perfect level of light for every moment.
For extra ambiance, you can add a candle or incense to your bedroom. It’ll offer moody lighting as well as a moment of aromatherapy to help you relax. Just remember to extinguish all flames before heading off to bed. 

Bring the outdoors in 

Botanical Decor
Whether you’re an outdoorsy type or an indoor cat, nature has a universally calming influence that is key to setting a soothing bedroom vibe. Furniture made of wood, rattan, stone, and other organic materials can add warmth to any bedroom, while decor like plants, botanical patterns, or linen and cotton layers are the perfect finishing touch.
For more inspiration, check out interior design styles that rely heavily on natural elements. The list includes crowd favorites like cottagecore, bohemian (commonly referred to simple as boho), coastal, western, and Scandinavian.  

Create a pre-sleep zone

Accent Chairs

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The consensus among sleep experts is that if you’re not ready to conk out ASAP, don’t get into bed where you’ll lay awake for hours and hours. But if you’re reserving your bed exclusively for sleep, then what do you do when you’re ready to turn in but not necessarily head straight to bed? Meet your reading chair, a must-have furniture piece to keep the spheres of sleep and activity separate. This is an easy way to set a pre-sleep routine to help you wind down slowly and ease you into a calmer state of mind. To really spruce up the setup, consider adding a side table, throw blanket, and an ottoman or pouf.

Prep your nightstand


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Often overlooked but heavily used, nightstands are the unsung heroes of every bedroom. Whether you have a complementary pair or a single one on your preferred side of the bed, we recommend curating the perfect vignette for style and function. Having everything you need will stop you from getting in and out of bed, disrupting your sleep. 
Create a calming tablescape on your nightstand with a houseplant or flowers, an artful analog clock to help you unplug before bed, and other accessories for your nighttime ritual like an eye mask. Just make sure the surface is not too cluttered, creating undue mental stress. If things are getting a bit crowded, we recommend investing in nightstands with drawers, shelves, and other built-in storage. Another pro tip: If your table lamp is taking up too much real estate, switch to a sconce to reclaim some of that precious tabletop.  

Go dark and moody

Dark Bedroom Colors
Looking for a more charismatic statement? Defy expectations of a light and bright bedroom color palette by relying on dark earthy hues like navy, charcoal, forest green, or cocoa brown. This unexpected bedroom color palette will instantly bring the walls in for a closer and cozier feel. It’s a visual effect that may backfire for small rooms but pairs well with intimate spaces like a speakeasy bar, reading nook, or a cavernous bedroom. 

Clothe the walls & floors


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Bare walls and floors can lend a clean, minimalist effect to a room — but if you’re going for more comfort and coziness, let’s add some layers. Dial up the soothing tones with a high-pile rug to avoid the jolt of cold hardwood floors, an upholstered headboard to add style and plush ease, and drapes to keep out early morning rays and late-night glare from streetlamps. For a dreamier and romantic vibe, consider adding a four-poster bed and a canopy to really swathe the bed in flowy layers.

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