Chandeliers & Hanging Light Fixtures

A chandelier is the perfect statement piece for any room. Whether you're looking for a more modern design or a classic look, we have the perfect light fixture for you. Choose from different designs to shed exactly the light you want on your impeccable style. Chandeliers should be the focal point of your ceiling, and our elegantly crafted models are sure to draw the eye upwards whenever anyone walks into the room. More

How to Choose Chandeliers

The right lighting will put the finishing touches on your home decor. Chandeliers are no longer exclusive to dining rooms and hallways. You can add the elegant fixtures to a bedroom, sitting room, or bathroom to show off your inner designer. Since there are so many styles, sizes, and shapes to choose from, you can get a piece that's as subtle or as flashy as you want.


You'll want to look for a chandelier that's proportionate in size to the place you plan to hang it. For example, you'll need a much smaller chandelier to hang over a vanity, while a larger piece will fill out the space in a vaulted foyer. Also, consider the room's size and ceiling height. If it sits above walkways, you should leave about seven feet between the floor and the bottom of your chandelier for clearance. If you install one over a dining table, island, vanity or counter, the bottom should be about 30 – 36 inches above the table top.


Chandeliers offer both utility and style. With the proper maintenance, they're a one-time purchase that's easy to fit into your budget. However, you may have to buy replacement shades, beads, crystals, or lightbulbs from time to time.

Style & Material

Style and material go hand-in-hand when decorating with chandeliers. Pieces made from crystal offer a traditional look and can be very ornate or simple depending on what you prefer. Tiffany-style chandeliers are made from multiple pieces of colored glass fashioned into geometric patterns. They also fit well in classically designed rooms. Finally, chandeliers made from metal or those with few embellishments give off modern allure.