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Great for cuddling on a chilly day, throw blankets make your home feel warm and inviting. Whether you want to curl up on the couch while reading a book or you're crawling into bed, a soft throw blanket will help you unwind. Whenever it's time to relax, wrap yourself in the comfort of a throw blanket. More

Throw blankets come in a variety of materials that are beautiful and low-maintenance. Choose from ultra-comfy, easy-to-care-for fabrics like plush chenille, fluffy fleece, cushy sherpa or cozy cotton. Plus, many throws are machine washable so you can refresh your blankets anytime they need it.

In addition to being practical, a throw blanket can serve as an effortless accent piece. Soften the lines of contemporary furnishings with a fringed afghan, or add a splash of color to Scandinavian spaces with a throw in bold colors like navy and red. For a rustic look, consider blankets in earthy tones such as ginger or coffee.