Round Outdoor Dining Sets

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Round patio dining sets encourage a relaxed mood that pairs nicely with quiet times, family meals, and small gatherings. Crafted from quality materials, from small two seat bistro sets to larger six seat groupings our collections come in a varaitey of sizes and designs to suit any space or decorating tastes. You are certain to find your new favorite round patio dining set when you shop our broad selection.


What are the typical dimensions of a round dining table?

Although the dimensions of round dining tables can vary, we can classify them into four general sizes:

  1. Small tables measure between 36 to 44 inches in diameter. They are perfect for an intimate dinner or conversation and can seat two to four people.
  2. Medium-sized tables have a diameter of 44 to 54 inches. They seat four to six people, are around the size of a classic poker table, and offer the perfect balance between personal space and a communal dining experience.
  3. Measuring between 54 and 71 inches, large round tables are spacious and comfortably host six to eight people. These designs are best for family gatherings and dinners on special occasions. 
  4. Extra-large tables have a 72-inch diameter. They can seat ten and are best reserved for feasts and big events in rooms with ample space.

How many chairs fit around a round dining table?

The number of dining chairs that can fit around a table depends on a few things. The diameter of the table is a major factor. Smaller tables will fit two to four chairs, medium tables four to six, and large tables six to eight. Table diameter, chair size, and how much space each person needs are also factors to consider when filling in your round table. A good rule of thumb is to allocate around 24 inches (two feet) of table edge per chair to give each person enough elbow room.

Are round dining tables suitable for small spaces?

The unique shape of round tables makes them quite suitable for nooks, hallways, and small spaces. Since they lack corners, you can fit a small round table where traditional square or rectangular shapes look awkward. The round shape creates an inviting central hub in smaller or compact living rooms, with the table as the focal point

Their continuous edge makes it easy for a round table to accommodate extra seating space, another reason why round works wherever space is at a premium.