Modern Sofas

Modern Couches & Sofas for Sale

With their low profile, defined lines, deep cushions and wide track arms, chunky sofas have a grounded quality that offers modern appeal, inviting you to sink in and stay awhile. What’s not to love? More

Yes, this new trend revisits styles from the 70s but it feels all modern, ultra-current and anything but retro. If you favor a contemporary aesthetic but you’ve lost your infatuation with the pristine and delicate look of mid-century modern, then this is the style for you.

Embracing Modern Style

Key features that define this style, here are the characteristics you’ll want to look for:

Low Profile – Rather than long thin legs that offer an airy presence, these modern sofas and sectionals are low to the ground with compact block feet. Many have low backs to reinforce this dynamic. These pieces have a substantial grounded visual impact that emphasizes ceiling height and can create a dramatic look in your space.

Deep Cushions – Instead of upright and proper proportions, these sofas and loveseats allow you to sit back and sink in.

Tailored, Boxy Lines – Modern living room sets boast a structured appearance that offers defined, uncomplicated lines rather than curvy, embellished or intricate styling.

Wide Track Arms – With a weighty presence that helps define the shape of this modern seating, wide track arms are often well padded offering a comfortable place to lean.

Generous Proportions – Modern sofas often have low, deep and wide seat cushions that give you ample room to stretch out and relax.

How to Blend Modern Style

If you don’t want to go too modern with your space, you can still incorporate these sensibilities into a transitional room by focusing on some of these aspects but looking for some traditional features as well.

Look for low profile and deep seating with traditional details like rolled arms.

Shed the ultra-modern look by choosing chunky styles with a more upright feel. This can be achieved by looking for pieces with taller backs or shallower seat cushions. You can still enjoy the substantial feel with pieces that feature block feet, thick cushions and wide track arms.

We love everything about this fresh contemporary design trend. It will surround you in style, envelop you in comfort and fill your space with its presence.