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The bed is the most important piece of furniture in your bedroom. It sits center stage and sets the tone for the rest of the decor. We’re confident you’ll find an affordable and unique bedframe suited exactly to your style when browsing this online collection. Choose from different sizes of platform, panel, poster or adjustable beds finished in a number of colors and crafted from versatile materials, such as wood and metal. We’re excited to help guide your bed shopping experience and bring your bedroom decor to life. More

How to Choose a Bed / Bed Frame

As the focal point of the bedroom, beds create the mood for your space. When you're shopping for a new bed, find one that fits your room and lifestyle, while matching your decor and budget. Whether you're in the market for an upgrade, a bigger bed for your child, or you need a place for guests to sleep, you're going to want to think about size, style, and material before you buy.

Size & Budget Tips

Because beds are the largest and most used piece of furniture in your bedroom, you should be prepared to make an investment. The dimensions of your room, whether you'll be sleeping alone in a single or double bed, and how much space you need to be comfortable determine what bed size you need. Also, take into account how long you expect this bed to last, as the higher quality and longer-lasting pieces cost more. The stronger and sounder beds can stay with you for years and pay for themselves over time.

Sizes Include:

Picking a Bed Style

Some classic bedframe styles include platform, poster, panel, canopy, sleigh, and daybeds. Each offers functionality while also allowing room for creativity. Platform bases rest directly on the floor, making them the perfect alternative to purchasing a foundation. Canopy beds bring a touch of nice elegance to bedrooms with their flowing drapery. For a traditional look, you can add either a poster or sleigh bed. Daybeds make beautiful lounging pieces and are convenient for guest rooms and dens. For additional storage, try beds with headboards with built-in bookcases or pull-out drawers underneath.

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Choosing the Color of your Bed

Colored wood-finished bed frames came in a variety of shades. Appealing light tones, such as honey or birch, fit in with modern decor. Dark reds and deep browns work well with traditional designs. Metal frames are versatile because they can be painted in various colors, like white, black, teal, taupe, or cream. Additionally, children's bed colors can reflect fun and charming themes, such as sport teams or movie characters.

Selecting the Material

When choosing the material of your bed, consider longevity, cost, and style. Bed frames are made from wood, metal, or a combo of both. For a more natural or rustic look, as well as durability, choose wood. Metal offers comparable strength and is also inexpensive, long-lasting and cost efficient. Both wood and metal can be upholstered to create a softer look and match any existing furniture.

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