Moana Bedroom

Moana Bedding, Decor & Bed Sets

Your little ones can join the ocean adventure with our selection of Moana bedroom decor. Cozy bedding sets and comforters feature Moana and Maui as well as patterns inspired by Polynesian art. Complete the look with gorgeous throws and Hei Hei and Pua plush pillows. More

Set sail and return the heart of Te Fiti with decor for Moana bedrooms. Wall art and tapestries depict scenes from this beloved movie and transform their room into a retreat for imagination and creativity. Add LED lamps shaped like their favorite wayfinder heroine to help them light up the Lalotai and defeat the greedy Tamatoa.

Stylish and practical, Moana bedroom accessories make overnight trips and organization colorful and fun. Brightly patterned ocean-themed sleeping bags turn slumber parties into an exciting voyage. Likewise, teal and pink floral storage bins keep stuffed animals, board games, and other treasures safe and tidy.