The Dump

    For over 35 years, The Dump has been America's premier luxury furniture outlet, flipping the script on traditional stores by offering luxury furniture items and home accessories at discounted, affordable prices.


    The Dump has various locations nationwide, including Arizona, Georgia, Illinois, Texas, and Virginia. It’s the go-to destination for savvy customers who want stylish furnishings without breaking the bank. 

    Furniture Selections for Every Room

    The Dump Furniture offers an impressive range of products and sets, catering to various styles and preferences. You can find sofas, sectionals, and accent chairs for your living room or an elegant bed, dresser, or nightstand for the bedroom. The brand also offers collections of dining room sets and home office essentials to ensure that every space in your home is furnished with style and quality. 

    Eliminating the Middleman & Traditional Retail Markups

    The Dump's unique business model has revolutionized how people shop for luxury furniture. The store obtains luxury closeouts, overstocks, showroom pieces, and design samples directly from manufacturers and designers, eliminating the middleman and traditional retail markups.

    As a result, The Dump can offer one-time, off-price opportunity deals, meaning you can buy luxurious, trendy furniture pieces with hefty savings. 

    Want to save a bundle on a luxury furniture set you didn't know you could afford? Check out The Dump Furniture Outlet today.

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