Stone & Beam

Amazon officially entered the furniture business with the creation of Stone & Beam. This exclusive, private-label brand offers a range of upscale, farmhouse-style furniture at an affordable price. 

Modern farmhouse furniture is credited to the shabby chic phenomenon popularized in the 1990s. Stone & Beam combines sleek lines with rustic finishes and natural textures as their take on the style.

Amazon designed Stone & Beam for everyday families who want to enjoy upscale furniture without breaking the bank. As a result, each item in the collection combines affordability, comfort, and functionality.

Stone & Beam offers an extensive homey but stylish living room furniture selection. You can cozy up for a game night or comfortably seat your guests with plush couches, love seats, and unique swiveling accent chairs. Most of these items come in neutral grays, whites, and navy to fit your existing color scheme. 

Stone & Beam offers ample kitchen and dining room seating options. Choose from various styles of barstools and dining chairs, from contemporary to wishbone. Chairs come in a range of heights so that you can find the perfect fit for your space and size.

Visit Stone & Beam today to view the collection and follow them for updates on their frequent promotions. 


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