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Room & Board: Superior Craftsmanship and Style

Room and Board is no doubt one of the best online furniture stores today. Their recipe for success is a mix of close ties with local manufacturers across the U.S., India, and Italy. By working with family-owned companies around these countries, you are sure to get top craftsmanship pieces that are delivered remarkably fast to your door. Their streamlined e-commerce platform built to deliver exceptional pieces in record time is another major ingredient behind the brand’s success.

History of Room & Board Home Furnishings

Room and Board began their operations more than 35 years ago, creating modern furnishings designed to be practical, timeless, and comfortable. Their concept of home furniture revolves around European and Oriental design concepts that have successfully endured throughout time. Honoring natural materials while working with simple, organic forms to make what was once functional: beautiful.

Favoring traditional construction techniques and innovative technology in which their artisans materialize their personal touch and unique skills, the company also focuses on their craftsmen’s holistic wellbeing (physical, financial, and emotional). Providing full benefits to staff members who work 20 hours or more per week, as well as supporting organizations that share their social and self/improving values to communities across the U.S.

Room & Board Furniture Collection

The Cherry Bathroom Collection

The first collection we bring you, as part of our best furniture store reviews series, is The Cherry Bathroom Collection from Room & Board.


This collection features a sophisticated mix of solid veneer wood and Baltic birch plywood, perfect for black and white bathroom themes. The Linear vanity showcased above presents a porcelain under-mount sink for two, manufactured in a single piece of quartz top. The cherry-colored wood case projects a Scandinavian modern aesthetic, that vibrantly contrasts with the familiar neutral color palette and ceramics used in bathrooms.

As showcased in the picture above, The Soho mirror is an excellent complement to this vanity. The mirror comes with a stainless-steel frame and a powder-coat finish that repels moisture and heat, making it an equally functional and stylish piece.

The Kenwood Bathroom Collection

The second collection we bring you is The Kenwood Bathroom Collection from Room & Board.


This bathroom collection features a sophisticated mix of solid walnut wood and steel, perfect for modern and minimalist homes. The Kenwood collection starts with the Kenwood Bathroom Vanity, sporting a porcelain under-mount sink and a beautiful quartz top with enough room for a couple. The refined walnut wood case delicately contrasts with the top and gives the room a lovely Asian Zen vibe.

Directly on top of the vanity, we find the Infinity Mirror. The Infinity Mirror is made with stainless steel making it ideal for damp locations. It also comes with a thin box frame that accentuates its delicate beveled edges, which makes it a durable and stylish addition to your bathroom.

The Kenwood Collection also comes with a dash of modern flair in the form of a Liola Print. This gorgeous textile design reproduction features fashionable graphic patterns that fit the collection’s color scheme perfectly.

Lastly, the Kenwood collection introduces the Gale pendant as its accent lighting of choice. The Gale features a handblown globe made with semi-opaque opaline glass colors and topped with a milky white finish. Inside the handblown globe, we can find a frosted LED bulb that casts a warm glow around your bathroom.

The Durant Bathroom Collection

The third collection we bring you, as part of our best furniture store reviews series, is the Durant Bathroom Collection from Room & Board.


This collection features a bench made of solid wood topped with a rich brown finish. The Linear vanity showcased above presents a polished white quartz porcelain under-mount with two sinks and faucets, spacious enough for the everyday needs of a couple.

The walnut wood with a lacquer finish contributes to creating a serene atmosphere through the use of earthy colors, and the superb use of natural light sources distributed across the bathroom.

As showcased in the picture above, the Durant vanity can be paired with this collection’s medicine cabinet set. Featuring one left-opening medicine cabinet, one right-opening medicine cabinet, and one mirror in between the two, you can easily access medicines and grooming products thanks to its adjustable glass shelves.

The Berkeley Bedroom Collection

The fourth collection we bring you, as part of our best furniture store reviews series, is the Berkeley Bedroom Collection from Room & Board.


This collection features a bedframe of solid wood and lacquer finished wood veneer popularly used in Asian Zen and minimalist bedrooms. The bed comes with a vibrant wooden tone that complements neutral or beige color palettes.

The Berkeley collection also features matching nightstands and dressers. Both of these pieces feature elegant design details that you’ll enjoy every day. Built by skilled North Dakota woodworkers, this Room & Board collection takes pride in its durability and sober style.

The Pren Kitchen & Dining Collection

Last but not least, the fifth collection we bring you (as part of our best furniture store reviews series) is the Pren Kitchen & Dining Collection from Room & Board.


These solid-wood designs follow today’s preference for Asian Zen and feng-shui style, best suited for homes that seek to introduce serenity and calm. This collection showcases a dining table with golden honey tones and a Cambria quartz that delicately channel Taoist elements of prosperity and abundance.

The Pren Kitchen & Dining collection also presents an Evan chair set with different wooden colorations. The chairs come with a wide variety of finishes and elegant upholstery that add style and comfort to your dining room.

Final Thoughts About Room & Board

Room and Board are known for their reenvision of modern furniture pieces through responsible manufacturing and close partnership with local artisans. Whenever you look at their home decorations and furniture collections, you’ll notice meticulous craftsmanship that highlights natural materials, clean lines, and an organic preference for complementing your everyday spaces.

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