Room & Board

Room & Board specializes in American-made home furnishings. Founder John Gabbert spent his childhood helping his parents run a furniture store and branched out on his own by launching the first Room and Board in Minneapolis, Minnesota, in 1980. The company has grown steadily over the decades and now operates 22 stores and 13 distribution centers. 

Room & Board consistently support American craftsmanship. The business employs almost a thousand American artisans who produce over 90% of its furniture. 

The company similarly focuses on creating timeless modern pieces that adapt to changing design trends. Their designers draw inspiration from many movements, like Japanese, mid-century, Scandinavian, and Shaker furniture. 

Room & Board offers a vast selection of furniture for the bathroom, bedroom, living room, and other spaces. The company’s living room furniture collections include cozy, fashionable modern couches, love seats, and sleeper sofas. Each product has various fabrics, leg styles, finishes, and sizes. These options enable you to select the perfect upholstered furniture for your living space. Boost your storage space with artisan-made accent tables, bookcases, and media cabinets. 

The company produces contemporary kids’ furniture that grows with your child. Shop for American-made beds, desks, and play tables that give children a space to work and study. 

Explore Room and Board’s collections today. 


Where is Room & Board Furniture Made?

This company uses local businesses and craftspeople all around the globe to build their furnishings. Some of their items come from overseas artisans in Japan, India, and Italy. However, American manufacturers make over 90% of Room and Board's products. There are more than 15,000 skilled workers in the United States making furniture and decor for this brand.

Room & Board Furniture Types

The Room & Board catalog includes full living room, bedroom, and dining suites to help you outfit your entire home. They also offer home decor, office furniture, kids’ decor, and storage items. Each of these pieces features modern lines and timeless detailing that lends trend-proof style to your home.

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