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Jonathan Adler: Modern American Glamour

Jonathan Adler is someone committed to immaculate craftsmanship and glamour, and his namesake brand revolves around these virtues. His e-commerce platform is an important part of the design empire that this Bravo TV design judge has built over the years.

Jonathan believes that your home should make you happy and that luxury should be a part of who you are. Inspired by Yves Saint Laurent, Andy Warhol, and Madonna, Jonathan Adler curates unique collections that defy the norm and turn your rooms into an exquisitely elegant and colorful home. Today, we’ll be looking at some of his latest and most vibrant collections for this year.

Johnathan Adler today owns 17 stores and runs one of the largest e-commerce platforms in the furniture industry. His furniture collections appeal to avant-garde dreamers and lovers of modern and luxurious living spaces, allowing his namesake brand to stand head-to-head with industry giants with tremendous success. His subversive style and bold color schemes permeate each of his pieces and collections, so without further ado, let’s begin!

The Lampert Living Room Collection


The Lampert Collection follows a clear theme: soft button tufting, stylish tuxedo back, and comfortable bolsters fit for any living room. The collection revolves around the best-seller Lampert sofa, capable of luring you with its elegance and then captivating you with its soft fabric and next-level cushion. This sofa comes in a wide variety of presentations: a grand sofa perfect for hosting movie nights, a loveseat for reduced spaces, and a luxurious Tête-à-Tête perfect for deep conversations between close friends.

The Lampert Collection and all of its pieces feature a solid maple base and a gorgeous velvet fabric. You may choose between a delicate Venice blush with a soft white base for a classy Hollywood theme or a Brussels Charcoal finish for a more contemporary living room. These durable pieces truly adapt to all spaces and themes, it’s this versatility in design that makes Jonathan Adler one of the best furniture brands today.

The Baxter Living Room Collection


The Baxter Living Room Collection is one of the most versatile and ambitious Jonathan Adler collections for this year. This bestselling collection is customizable from bottom to top: the piece’s fabric and its silhouette are custom-made, allowing you to hand-pick furniture that resonates with your personality. The Baxter Sofa features a high-back tuxedo design, diamond button tufting, and either bouillon fringers or brass ball feet at its bottom section.

The Baxter Collection not only features deep sectional sofas and loveseats, but it also offers stylish swivel chairs and sophisticated ottomans. The Baxter Swivel Chair comes with the tufted cushion found throughout the collection’s pieces, allowing you to add comfort and chic style to your living room or study. The Baxter Ottoman offers next-level luxury and comfort and can also be customized with a vast selection of finishes and fabrics, allowing you to create a timeless aesthetic that will impress your guests.

Rider Dining Room Collection


The Rider Collection brings modern Parisian style and soul into your dining room. The Rider Dining Chair pays homage to French design with a soft Rialto velvet fabric exterior and a petite black frame with brass-finished accents. The collection includes the Rider Small Cabinet, an excellent storage solution featuring an ample interior with adjustable inner shelves. The collection also presents the Rider Pendant Light, a stunning pagoda pendant featuring custom-crafted horse finials and antique brass medallions that contrast with its onyx finish.

While the Rider Collection lacks a dining chair, Jonathan Adler offers a matching piece: the Caracas Dining table. The Caracas Dining table features simple geometric shapes (cones and spheres) that represent the best of kinetic modernism for your dining room. This dining table perfectly matches the Rider Collection color scheme and glamour, making it an aesthetically viable replacement.

The Channing Bedroom Collection


The Channing Collection is perfect for a Hollywood regency-themed bedroom. The Collection kicks off with the Channing Large End Table, a magnificent neo-classical nightstand with a lacquered surface, polished accents, and a large acrylic knob. The next piece in the Channing Collection is the Six-Drawer Dresser, featuring six generous drawers that conveniently organize all your clothing and accessories.

The Channing Media Console is another gorgeous neo-classical piece, perfect for all your entertainment essentials. You can easily arrange your TV, lamp, and trendy décor on the Channing Media Console's ample lacquered surface. Lastly, the Channing Collection features a Channing Desk, best used as a vanity. This piece offers everything you’d want in a vanity: a comfortable seat, spacious drawers, and a petite build you can fit into any corner of your room. The Channing Desk keeps you beautiful and your room fashionable all at once, making it an excellent addition to your bedroom.

Jacques Home Office Collection


The Jacques Home Office Collection balances modern and traditional design with a touch of glamour. The Jacques Desk comes with a topstitched camel leather top, brushed brass corners on clear acrylic, as well as an ample surface for your laptop and lamp. The Jacques Collection also offers a glamorous etagere and a console table for piling on personal artifacts, daring décor, and books that you might need at arm’s reach.

When it comes to lighting, the Jacques Pendant Light and Jacques Column Table Lamp gently keep you company through your all-nighters. Both of these pieces feature the crystal clear framework and sophisticated brushed brass accents that have made this collection so popular throughout the year. These gorgeous lamps can also be used in the dining room and bedrooms, making them equally versatile and fabulous pieces.


Jonathan Adler is today considered a world-renowned namesake brand. But it’s impossible to talk about how this company has transformed into a massive e-commerce platform without talking about its founder, Jonathan.

Jonathan Adler started his career in the art world as a potter back in 1993. After turning away from a prolific career in the movie business, he became a full-time potter and managed to sell his first pottery collection to Barneys in that same year. After collaborating with Aid to Artisans and flying to Peru (and other exotic locations), his newfound creativity and inspiration allowed him to open and fully stock his first store in Soho.

Jonathan went on to design The Parker Palm Springs hotel, infusing his iconic style into the complex. He wrote his first design book the year after and then joined the Bravo family as a lead judge on Top Design for two seasons. Jonathan has written four books and continues to build his empire by creating wonderful art collections that have revolutionized homes across the world.


Jonathan Adler has become a world-famous design company with retail locations across the globe. Their online furniture store seeks to create vibrant interiors capable of turning your living spaces into a memorable home you’ll love. With irreverent luxury and energizing chic-inspired pieces, Jonathan Adler offers exquisite pieces to bold tastes that wish to stray from minimalism.