Jonathan Adler Furniture

Jonathan Adler is a furniture company known for creating chic, modern American glamor furniture and accessories. Artist Jonathan Adler founded the company in 1993, initially focusing on creating pottery. His collections of fine pots drew the attention of major retailers. In 1998, he opened his first store in Soho and started designing home furnishings and pottery. Today, the Jonathan Adler company has expanded to 17 stores in America and the United Kingdom, and over 1,500 retailers carry its wholesale products. 

Adler draws on his artistic background to personally design every piece of furniture. He primarily creates upscale, mid-century modern furniture from luxurious materials. The Globo Collection features unique furniture inspired by the optical qualities of a magnifying glass. The collection includes chests of drawers, side tables, lamps, and other items inset with sparkling, round, acrylic gemstones. 

Jonathan Adler also produces elegant living room furniture. You can shop for minimalist benches, chairs, sectionals, and sofas made with cozy fabrics. These upholstered items come in bright colors and have sleek, artistic silhouettes. Curved sofas offer functional and stylish comfort, while cloud-shaped settees make a quirky addition to any living room. 

Additionally, Jonathan Adler still sells carefully curated artwork. Pottery remains central to the company, but you’ll find beaded artwork, paintings, photography, and other media.

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