Horchow Home Collections & Furniture Store

Luxury Designer Furniture from Horchow

Horchow offers a wide range of unique, high-quality furnishings from popular brands and individual artisans. The company began in 1973 as a mail-in catalog selling luxury furniture and home decor. Today, you can shop the brand's chic, extravagant collections online and at local retail locations.

The company provides furniture and accents for every room plus your patio. Much of their selection features an interesting mix of premium materials and colorful, energetic patterns. Whether you're going for a traditional, modern, contemporary or bohemian look, Horchow's diverse catalog makes it easy for customers to find the perfect pieces for their homes.

People looking for affordable furnishings will find a range of prices at Horchow, including deals on living room seating, dining sets, bedroom suites and mattresses in sizes from twin to California king. For additional savings, the retailer offers discounts and sales for both customers and trade members.

Where is Horchow Furniture Made?

Since Horchow sells products from well-known brands as well as individual artisans, their catalog includes decor made overseas. When it comes to their manufacturers in the United States, the company imports high-end materials from worldwide sources to give their items a chic, one-of-a-kind look.

Horchow Furniture Quality

Horchow strives to provide high-quality home furnishings that complement each customer's personal style. As such, they work hard to ensure that their furniture meets the highest standards of artistry and design. The retailer also guarantees quality by offering generous refund and exchange policies to unsatisfied customers.

Horchow Furniture Types

Horchow makes it easy to update your home with beautiful furnishings and decor. Customers can find sofas, bed frames, table sets, office furniture and patio pieces in the company's online store. The brand also has a selection of eclectic wall art, fun kids' decor and Art Deco light fixtures. Their collections put a twist on traditional designs and highlight the timelessness of modern style.

The John-Richard Collection


The John-Richard collection sets itself apart from others thanks to its ability to merge future trends with classic luxury home furnishings.

Great designs such as the Attina Leopard Bench takes inspiration from neoclassical furniture to produce an updated design that can work in a living room, bedrooms, and hallway spaces alike. The picture above showcases the Attina curved arm bench, handcrafted from Acacia wood and given an ebony finish that contrasts with its acrylic leopard-print upholstery.

The MacKenzie-Childs Collection


The MacKenzie-Childs Collection brings you the best of the early 20th-century interior design styles. This timeless approach that combines tradition, nature, and art inspired this country-club-styled outdoor furniture set.

The Indigo Villa Patio Set presents stylish accommodations for your pool house or backyard environments through chaises, ottomans, and sofas featuring vibrant colors and patterns that epitomize creativity. Drawing inspiration from Pastoral settings, this whimsical collection is perfect for social occasions or just enjoying the nice weather over the weekend.

The Missoni Home Linen Collection


The Horchow catalog also features imported fashion house furniture additions such as the Missoni Collection from Italy, known worldwide for their knitwear and bold geometrical designs.

Bedlinens, from an interior design standpoint, can add appeal to bedroom furniture through color, patterns, and different textures. The picture above showcases the Willis European Shams Set, featuring original striped patterns and captivating colors that make the traditional bedframe stand out through these chic-styled bedlinens. The set features Italian cotton, which significantly contributes to a night of better sleep thanks to its extra-smooth texture.

The Horchow Jonathan Adler Collection


The Jonathan Adler Collection gathers inspiration from Yves Saint Laurent, Andy Warhol, and Madonna to curate collections that defy the norm and turn your rooms into an exquisitely elegant and colorful home.

The Bond Dining Table is an example of how this collection uses a Minimalist style to provide elegance within contemporary interior design spaces. Using burled wood, acrylic, brass, and nickel, Jonathan Adler presents you with a durable satin matte-finished table, set upon a polished nickel base with matte brass campaign corners. Luxurious and modern, this collection’s avant-garde design will impress even the pickiest of guests.

The Michael Aram Decorating Collection


Michael Aram is one of Horchow’s featured designers. His collections draw inspiration from Indian rich metalworking tradition and handcrafted designs. The Michael Aram furnishing line ranges from tableware to furniture, and each of the pieces reflects the passionate artisan’s handwork and iconic style that effortlessly stands out from the rest.

This Horchow collection features plenty of decorative items that bring a sense of ceremony when used on an everyday basis. The picture above showcases the stunning Metamorphosis King Duvet bedroom sheets, featuring rich autumn colors that match contemporary designs in master & guest bedrooms alike.

Final Thoughts About Horchow Furniture

Horchow focuses on offering collections and decoration that take into account core interior design principles and their deep connection to architecture. This approach allows your spaces to display balance and good taste regardless of whether you’re a minimalist at heart or a lover of all things modern. The Horchow online catalog is organized in collections for every room, making it easier to select luxury furniture pieces for different interior design styles. Horchow elevates any home’s aesthetics by prioritizing harmony and balance between your furniture and decor at all times, allowing the brand to create an iconic design that sets it apart from the rest.