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History of Badcock Furniture

Founded in 1904 in Mulberry, FL, Henry Stanhope Badcock operated a single storefront until his son Wogan bought it from him in 1920. After the Depression, Wogan began selling products through consignment at various local stores while offering shared profits for each item sold. This practice eventually inspired Badcock's current dealer business model.

Badcock currently has more than 380 locations across eight states. Customers can use the company's website to find one of the brand's convenient locations or shop online and have their purchases delivered to their homes. Additionally, many stores have a free pickup option.

For those shopping online, Badcock offers a user-friendly room planner feature. Website visitors can select a room similar to the shape of their own to see how different furniture layouts fit in the space. Shoppers can choose different styles and collections and switch between 2D and 3D views.

Badcock Furniture prides itself on sustainability. By taking steps such as replacing outdated company equipment and integrating items like power-saving LED bulbs and state-of-the-art charging stations in stores, Badcock strives to reduce its carbon footprint. The brand also uses materials like sustainably harvested lumber in some of its products.

Where is Badcock Furniture Made?

The brand imports furniture and materials from countries such as Vietnam, China, Malaysia and Indonesia. While Badcock Furniture does bring many of its products from outside of the country, the company strives to ensure quality standards with an emphasis on health and safety.

Badcock Furniture Quality

Many products sold by this company fall under their ten-day return and refund policy. If a customer returns an item within ten days of delivery, they can receive a full refund or exchange their purchase. After the initial ten days, shoppers may receive a full refund, minus a 20 percent stocking fee, if they return items within 11-30 days of delivery.

Badcock Furniture Types

Badcock sells a wide variety of home furnishings. Customers can browse complete sets for the living room, dining room and bedroom, as well as individual items like sofas, recliners and mattresses in a range of styles. Shoppers can also select appliances, home decor and seasonal items for nearly every room of their home.