Art Van Furniture

    Before its closing in 2020, Art Van Furniture was a well-established retail brand. In business since 1959, Art Van has been renowned for its exceptional range of stylish, high-quality home furnishings. Post 2020, Art Van has shifted focus from home furnishing to inspiration, design ideas, and decorating guides.

    Design Ideas & Style Inspiration

    Art Van focuses on three pillars of design ideas and style inspiration:

    Van Art

    Van Art has surged in popularity due to a new generation's fascination with the nostalgia of adventure-driven van living. The van life, or van-dwelling, entails part or full-time residence in a vehicle, typically a modified van equipped with amenities like house batteries, solar panels, a bed platform, toilet, sink, and storage space.

    NFT Art

    The industrial revolution once centered on ownership of physical means of production. With the digital paradigm shift, intellectual property, exemplified by the rise of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), is gaining prominence. NFTs are digital artworks that exist entirely online.

    Van Hogh Art

    This category page displays a remarkable collection of original paintings by the renowned Dutch Post-Impressionist painter Vincent Willem Van Gogh.

    Decorating Guides

    ArtVan brings you the best decorating ideas by providing design concepts and style inspiration through helpful articles and striking interior design photos. Discover the impressive range of design and decorating ideas Art Van offers and take the next step toward envisioning and creating your dream home.

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