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History of Arhaus Furniture

In 1986, Arhaus began developing luxury furniture in Cleveland, OH. With locations in over 26 states, this retailer is rapidly becoming a top furniture store in the U.S.

Arhaus is a fine furniture brand that offers a mix of the latest trends and timeless design. Company designers work with artisans to offer decor that fits the retailer's vision for eclectic style and ethical sourcing. Arhaus invests in sustainability, often using recycled wood and metal in its products.

In addition, Arhaus goes beyond current fashions to curate vintage items and recreate antique looks. These heirloom pieces showcase an attention to detail available only from one of the top furniture brands in the business. Arhaus features these one-of-a-kind products in limited quantities online and in stores.

Pricing at Arhaus reflects the company's status among the county's best high-end furniture brands and reputation for quality. Sectionals start at about $1,500, while sale prices for a queen bed may come to over $900.

For reasonably priced furniture suited to the average budget, consider the Arhaus clearance section. Shoppers can find discounted items in stores and on the website.

From humble beginnings, the company's national footprint continues to expand. With over 70 stores, Arhaus is now more accessible than ever before. Storefronts are sprinkled across the country, with the bulk being found on the East Coast, Midwest and West Coast. Additionally, the brand has a strong presence as an online furniture retailer.

Where is Arhaus Furniture Made?

Arhaus sells products from countries across the globe. Manufacturers in North Carolina build a majority of the retailer's sofas, sectionals, and armchairs. In other collections, you may find wood tables made by a father and son in Mexico or a hand-carved media console built in Indonesia.

Arhaus Furniture Quality

Arhaus Furniture views every product as a work of art. Skilled workers use hand-chosen materials to create items that meet the brand's high standards of style and durability, and the company oversees all aspects of production. As a result, Arhaus Furniture's quality pieces have a look and feel that's distinct from other retailers.

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