Adding a Chair to your Kid's Room

Posted In Knowledge - 08/01/2019

Whether you’ve got room for a seat that is deeply cushioned and roomy or just enough space for a petite fluffy stool, adding a chair to your kid’s room is always a great choice.

From homework time to video games and quite reading to lounging with friends, a chair expands the use of your children’s room giving them a space to daydream about life or dive into their interests.

With so many options to choose from, here’s a list of some of our favorites:

Kids Chairs

Maybe it is a place to sit and put on their shoes or possibly a spot to set out tomorrow's outfit before going to bed.  Having a chair tucked into a corner of the room will come in handy in many ways.

Kids Bean Bags 

Nothing says fun and relaxation like a bean bag chair.  Perfectly portable and instantly conforming to the right shape, bean bag chairs are ideal for reading, free time, gaming or any lazy afternoon pastime.

Kids Benches

At the foot of a bed, beneath a windowsill or tucked under a vanity, a bench can be a terrific choice for a kids room.  Storage benches pull double duty, offering not only a seat but also a place for toddlers toys or teenagers trophies. From Legos to seasonal linens, extra storage is always a plus in kids bedrooms.


Kids Desk Chairs

Be it as simple as a traditional wooden ladder back chair or as up-to-date as an ergonomic mesh adjustable seat on casters, having a desk chair is a must … particularly as your grade-schooler advances to middle school and beyond.  An adjustable chair is an ideal choice since it can be fine-tuned to match each of your little learner’s growth spurts.


Kids Futons

A futon can be particularly handy if you’ve got a social kiddo who likes to have sleepovers or a big family with lots of cousins that stay for the night.  Easily converting from sofa to bed, a futon offers an instant spot for overnight guests.  During the day, the roomy seating surface offers comfy space to read, work, hang out and more.  You’ll enjoy having a place to sit that is big enough for both you and your child for storytime.

Nursery Gliders

While many of the chairs in this list are sized appropriately for kids, nursery gliders are designed for adults.  These comfy seats offer a spot to soothe and calm any baby that needs a little extra help nodding off to sleep.

Kids Fun Chairs

Themes and characters always appeal to the whimsy of kids.  Look for sports themed seats or animal prints.  Disney Princess or Pixar characters are popular choices with youngsters while older teens love team logo chairs and bean bags with chic patterns.

Kids Table & Chair Sets

If you have the luxury of extra space in your kid's bedroom or playroom, a table and chair set is a great addition.  Sized perfectly for crafts, puzzles and games, your preschooler will get hours of use out of one of these seating arrangements.

Kids Hang Around Chairs

From metal-framed butterfly chairs to multi-piece kids sectionals, there are a wide variety of seats suitable for hanging out with friends, catching up, playing video games or painting toenails.  Stock up and you’ll have the best house on the block for the kids to hang out.  What better way is there to get to know who your kids' friends than to be the center of the activity?


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