Small Spaces

Furniture & D├ęcor for Small Spaces

Buying furniture for small spaces comes with many unique challenges. When in doubt, look for double-duty furnishings such as tables or benches that offer storage space to keep things organized. We have a wonderful selection of small space furniture that lets you make the most of your square footage. More

When you are living in a square-footage-challenged dwelling, making the most of the small space you've got is a must! Here are some of our favorite space-saving ideas.

Flexible Furnishings

Versatile, small furniture that can be rearranged on a whim, like a sofa with reversible chaise, is invaluable. Such living room furniture lets you create unique seating arrangements to match your needs. Another option is to have multiple smaller pieces. For example, a loveseat and two accent chairs will give you more options in arranging seating than a sofa alone. Choosing stylish armless chairs will make the best use of a smaller space.

Either in a studio apartment as the only bed or in your living room as a guest bed for overnight visitors, sleeper sofas expand the way you use your space. Sleeper sofas are stylish, comfortable and come with high-quality mattresses for a night of restful night sleep. You can find sleepers in sizes ranging from a twin pull-out sleeper chair to a roomy king-sized sofa. And futons with their contemporary frame design offer another great way to fit a bed into your living room or office.

Sets of two or three nesting tables fit tidily together to take up just a small amount of space when stacked but can offer triple the surface area when separated. Frequently available as end tables, sometimes you can find coffee tables that nest as well, or at least have slide-out shelves.

Think Outside the Box

Small space living requires resourcefulness and looking at furniture in different ways. The perfectly scaled dresser for your bedroom may be in the kids' furniture department. Today, many kids' bedroom collections have a more grown-up style to transition with the child as they grow. You'll still be able to find furnishings with a clean, modern look that would fit in with your other bedroom furniture. Don't let labels limit you - if it works for your space, that's all that matters!

Ottomans are great in small spaces because they are the jack-of-all-trades in the living room. More than just a great footrest, group four small ottomans together (or one large ottoman), add a tray, and voila—you have a coffee table. With a much smaller footprint than an armchair, they can offer extra seating at a fraction of the space. Alternatively, they slide around easily to be stored under a side table or sofa table and can be pulled out whenever needed. And many ottomans on the market offer storage to boot!

When you're short on floor space, don't forget to get the most out of your wall space. Whether with open shelving or closed cabinets, vertical storage can help you make the most out of your tight quarters. Look to add storage furnishings such as media centers, bookcases, accent cabinets and room dividers. Not only will these pieces help you stay organized and manage your clutter, they bring the eye up to add interest and diversity to your decor. When done sparingly tall pieces of furniture can actually make a space look bigger by emphasizing the verticality of the room.

Fewer Pieces, Better Budget

An unexpected fringe benefit of small space living is that you'll need fewer pieces so you may be able to stretch your budget to include a splurge or two. One such splurge is also a good investment – a bed with storage drawers. You can use these to stash away extra linens, winter blankets, clothes or shoes. Beds with storage help make the most of the largest piece of furniture in the room and come in many different styles from modern to more traditional. While a storage bed may cost more than other styles, it will prove invaluable not only in a small home but any home—there's no such thing as too much storage!