Rug Guide

How to Choose a Rug

Rugs add warmth, texture, color and design to your home. They complement and enhance your decor; in fact, many times a room feels unfinished until there is an area rug pulling the look together. When choosing the perfect rug for your room, consider these aspects:

Size Guide

For more information on Rug Sizes, visit our Complete Size Guide.
Large Size Rugs - 8' x 11' or 9' x 12'

Typically a large area rug 9' x 12' will give you the space you need to fit the entirety of your sofa, chairs, loveseats and living room tables on the rug.

Medium Size Rugs - 5' x 7' to 8' x 10'

For living rooms that have less space, a popular alternative is to put just the front legs of each of the seating pieces on the rug.

Small Size Rugs - Under 5' x 7'

Using runners that flank the bed or a small rectangle rug under the coffee table are also great options for smaller spaces.

Color Guide

If you need to simplify a busy room, stick with a solid rug or one with a subtle pattern; however, if you are looking to add interest to your room consider a rug that is more dynamic. From classic Persian rugs to transitional zigzags, you can go refined or bold. Choose from the distinct patterned style of Mediterranean trellis work to free-flowing modern art designs. Warm your space with a rustic rug or wake it up with an overdyed and distressed bohemian piece. And to add depth and dimension, some rugs have patterns that are carved to vary the length of the pile either enhancing a dyed pattern or to create a subtle pattern on a solid rug.

Material Guide

Rugs are constructed of traditional and more modern materials. Wool is an enduring favorite for its durability, colorfastness and easy care; however, it can fade in sunlight and does not handle moisture. Cotton rugs are typically woven and reversible; they are popular in smaller sizes in kitchens, bathrooms and kids rooms because they are machine washable. Natural fiber rugs are durable and have a natural earthy quality, but can be hard to clean. Synthetics like polypropylene, olefin, nylon have become more popular as manufactures improve the durability and comfort that these manmade fibers provide. They are typically stain and mildew resistant, colorfast and easy to clean. Many new synthetic rugs can be used indoors or out. Shop by Material

Style Guide

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Today's rugs are available in a wide variety of styles to coordinate with or augment any type of decor. Rugs can create a foundational order for your space, bring together disparate colors in your room, or make a spirited statement. From traditional to transitional, finish your space with a demure look or go daring with a showcase piece. Modern rugs can provide an edgy aesthetic while chic country cottage rugs offer a cozy feel. Gain an eclectic world-influence with a boho design or an island vibe with a casual tropical rug.

Keep It In Place

Why use a rug pad?

Along with preventing your rug from slipping all over the place, a pad will add another layer of comfort and help protect it for years. Shop Rug Pads