Playroom Rugs

Rugs for Playrooms

Rugs are useful decorative essentials in kids' playrooms. They provide a soft spot for children to romp and rest while their imaginations run free. Playroom area rugs come in an array of colors and patterns with fun shapes and designs to inspire learning and ingenuity. More

Shades of Fun

Picking a playroom rug in a bright color establishes a vibrant atmosphere to spark hours of enjoyment. Pretty pink or sunny yellow hues bring cheerful warmth to the room, setting the perfect mood for crafts and creativity. Also, pillow forts are always more cozy with a soft sky blue shag carpet underfoot.

Playful Prints

Find a patterned playroom area rug to create a cohesive kid-friendly design. Your future pilot will adore an airplane motif, and aspiring zookeepers will go wild for animal prints. Detailed solar system and constellation rugs complete a space-themed room, while mats featuring world, country and city maps inspire playtime adventures.

Superb Shapes

Unique bedroom and playroom area rugs can also reflect your little one's favorite things. Look for football-shaped mats for your favorite quarterback, or opt for round baseball rugs to encourage a future All-Star. For kids who enjoy the sweeter things in life, playroom rugs that mimic sprinkled donuts, fruit or flowers are an adorable accent.

Built to Last

A low-pile polyester playroom area rug is easy to maintain. Children are prone to messes, but cleanup is a snap thanks to sturdy mats with short, washable fibers. A kid-proof playroom rug also protects flooring from snack time spills as well as art project mishaps.