Five-Piece Patio Dining Sets

Outdoor 5-Piece Dining Sets for the Patio

Choosing a 5 piece patio set takes a bit more forethought than just picking one that looks good. Following your heart might point you in the right direction, but first think through these factors to find the perfect collection to fit your patio needs.

What Purpose Will the Set Serve?

The first decision to make is how your set will function. One option is a patio dining set, many 5 piece sets include four chairs and a dining table. For this type of set, consider factors like ease of use, how easily do the chairs pull in and out, how comfortable are the chairs to sit in and how easy will it be to clean spills and drips off of the table.

Another popular choice for a patio is a 5 piece conversation area set, an ideal configuration for guests to talk, drink and relax, particularly for bistro or bar style setups. Furniture in this style is different from pieces used for dining in terms of size and layout. These sets could still include a table and four chairs, however the table would be a cocktail table and the chairs are likely to be lower profile, lounge-style chairs.

Deciding on the Size of Your Set

Purpose dictates size and design. For food-centric patio sets, seats at mid-height or taller are best. Bar stools with a higher dining table can also be a fun way to separate different sections of your outdoor space and work great for entertaining. Select streamlined designs without bulky cushions or arms to make sure guests can enjoy their meals unencumbered.

If you're choosing a 5 piece patio set for relaxing, shorter heights tend to work well. Outdoor furniture that is low to the ground lends itself to a more casual vibe. These chairs may also include cozy cushions and a larger surface area, welcome additions for a calm evening with your guests or tranquil solitude.

Always measure the space you plan to use for your patio set before buying. This ensures that you'll select a size that fits comfortably while still leaving room for you to move around. Choosing between rectangle, round, or square shapes can also have an impact on useable space.

Comparing Materials for Patio Sets

There are a number of materials to choose from for 5 piece patio sets. Each one has pros and cons. Take care to select what is within your price range in terms of durability, weather resistance, and appearance. Some of the most common materials include:

  • Wood - Sets made of wood, such as teak or cedar, are high-maintenance but strong and durable.
  • Metal - Stainless steel or wrought iron are well-designed and heavy but can be costly and hard to move. Aluminum is cost-effective and durable. Lightweight aluminum can get tossed about and easily damaged by high winds. Heavier weight, powder-coated aluminum can mimic other pricier metals and has become a popular compromise because it offers a substantial look with lighter weight and rust-free qualities.
  • Synthetics - Synthetic resin like outdoor wicker is an all-around solid choice for a 5 piece patio set, but it tends to be more expensive.
  • Plastic - A low-cost option, plastic pieces are typically susceptible to wind and not built to last for many seasons.

Weighing your options will help you make the best decision. Outdoor patio collections are often combined with fabrics and options like glass table tops. Look for styles that are all-weather or require only as much maintenance as you'd like to provide. It's also helpful to factor in price, browsing sets in the $1000, $700, or under $500 price range.

Make It Work for You

As with all furniture choices, choosing a 5 piece patio set ultimately comes down to what makes you happy in your outdoor oasis. Decide on colors and styles that fit the vibe you want and consider other amenities, like extra pillows or storage space. Making an informed decision will ensure satisfaction for you and your guests.