Pillow Top Mattresses

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A typical pillow top mattress sports a thin layer of padding on top of a traditional mattress. Pillow top mattresses come in all sizes to provide additional comfort to sleeping consumers. The mattress type often features foam padding as the main material used to construct a given model; however, the industry also frequently uses innerspring technology to build the base of the soft type of mattress. Pillow top mattresses generally prove ideal for individuals seeking extra comfort while at rest.

Consumer scientists often report no two pillow top mattresses possess the same firmness, and levels vary brand to brand. The pillow top models using memory foam and gel foam technology conform to the body to provide support, while the innerspring bases use coils to support sleeping individuals. Innerspring pillow top mattresses provide firmer sleeping surfaces, which maintain the length of and support the spine while at rest. Memory foam and gel foam models contour to the entire body and limit transfer of motion to offer restful, sound sleep, undisturbed.