Definition of Bunkie Board

Meaning of the Term as it Pertains to Mattresses

What is a Bunkie Board?

A bunkie board, also spelled bunky board or Bunkie-board, is a thin platform commonly used to support a mattress in a daybed, platform bed, bunk bed, or trundle mattress. Bunkie boards provide adequate support in lieu of bulky box-springs. These supportive boards reduce the total height of the sleep set and are often used when space is an issue. The thinnest foundation possible, bunkie boards offer even lower foundational support than low-profile box-springs.

Materials and Appearance

Bunkie boards have solid plywood or particle board cores and fabric coverings. The foundation is intended to go unnoticed, and upholstery usually features flat, muted colors. A bunkie board is the same length and width of the mattress it supports but only measures between one and a half and three inches tall.

Rising in Popularity

Demand for the foundation type has risen with the popularity of the platform bed because the board supports a floating, low-profile look. Though commonly used with twin mattresses, bunkie boards can be used with full, queen, and king mattress sizes as well. Bunkie boards are also popularly used with platform beds and foam and latex mattresses. Bed frames with lateral slats on the base can dig into foam mattresses and wear away materials. Bunkie Boards can provide extra support and prolong the life spans of beds.