Definition of Body Impressions

Meaning of the Term as it Pertains to Mattresses

What are Body Impressions?

Body-shaped depressions in the upholstery of mattresses, body impressions generally begin forming in the first few weeks of using a new mattress. Mattresses with added comfort layers at the sleep surface, like plush and ultra-plush models, tend to show more pronounced body impressions.

A Harmless Sign of Use

Though not a sought-after aesthetic, body impressions do not affect mattress performance. Not to be confused with sagging, body impressions result from the normal breaking in of a new mattress where comfort layers conform to the body's shape. Body impressions do not indicate mattress wear. Mattress experts suggest that impressions up to one and a half inches deep are normal. Deeper impressions may indicate a defect.

How to Avoid Body Impressions

Individuals who don't like the look of body impressions may purchase mattresses that use responsive foam materials such as visco-elastic memory foam or latex. These foams contour to the body when a person lies down and regain their original shape when the person gets up. These durable, long-lasting foams will provide consistent performance for their usable lives and will not show signs of body impressions. Individuals can purchase full memory foam or latex mattresses or mattress toppers made of elastic materials in order to avoid body impressions.