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What is an Innerspring Mattress?

Utilizing a steel coil support system, innerspring mattresses use toppers made of various foams and fibers to provide added comfort at the surface. At you can find just the right type of mattress to ensure the best night of sleep possible. Providing some of the most popular brands available, such as Sealy, Serta, and Beautyrest, you will be sure to find a mattress that best suits your sleeping needs. With an innerspring mattress, you will enjoy increased stability, proper back support, and a reduction of motion transfer while you sleep at night.

Coils Mean Comfort & Support

Each innerspring mattress is made with coils that individually adjust to your shape, weight, and body contour. Crafted to feel soft at the top and firm at the base with motion-isolating coils, each mattress remains available in a variety of comfortable styles, such as pillow top, memory foam, ventilated foam encasements, and temperature-regulating gels. Reviews praise the mattress type for offering a balance between comfort and support for the body.

Innerspring Mattress Brands

As the most common mattress type in the world, the innerspring mattress design offers a traditional, familiar feel you expect from a mattress. Tried and true, innerspring mattresses have a long history of reliability but are far from outdated. Continually improving as new sleep research emerges, the innerspring design is more desirable than ever. See all Innerspring products here.

Serta - Serta offers a wide range of innerspring options spanning from essential support to the latest in coil technology. Some of the exclusive patented designs Serta offers include FlexZone innerspring, Continuous Support innerspring, and TrueSense motion isolating coils. Specially designed to support the lower back, the Continuous Support innerspring system provides added stability at the center of the mattress where the lower back rests. The FlexZone innerspring design consists of hundreds of flex points that contour to any body shape offering top-tier contouring comfort. TrueSense motion isolating coils move freely in three directions to dampen motion transfer that may disturb a partner. In addition to incorporating advanced coil designs, Serta includes additional upholstery layers for extra softness at the mattress surface. Shop for Serta.

Sealy - Sealy offers innerspring models with classic Posturepedic coils or advanced Sealy Stability coils. The strong yet light titanium alloy coils provide superior body support while improving mattress longevity. The Sealy Stability coil system represents the finest coil support the manufacturer offers. These twice-tempered coils provide essential support while cutting down on motion transfer. Quality textiles and quilting on the outer layers complete a Sealy innerspring mattress by providing added softness. Shop for Sealy.

Beautyrest - Beautyrest specializes in advanced coil support to ensure healthy, rejuvenating rest. The quality-conscious mattress brand utilizes pocketed coil technology that allows each spring to contour individually to the body. These conforming coils maximize comfort and support while easing transfer of motion. Offering mattresses with varied coil densities, Beautyrest gives customers even more control when it comes to levels of comfort. Select models feature micro-pocketed coil springs, which provide added pressure relief. Shop for Beautyrest.

Kingsdown - Kingsdown produces handcrafted mattresses from quality materials like premium pocketed innerspring coils. Available in king and queen sizes, Kingsdown innerspring mattresses seamlessly combine proper support with plush comfort for a luxuriously refreshing sleep experience. The individually wrapped innerspring coils offer full support directly from the mattress core, while the pillow-top design provides an added layer of luxurious cushioning at the sleep surface. Each premium coil reacts to body weight independently, resulting in a mattress that reduces the transfer of motion and delivers individualized, targeted support. In addition to traditional coil springs, many of the innerspring selections produced by the mattress manufacturer feature technologically advanced innovations, such as memory foam to cradle the body, gel beads to absorb excess heat, and ventilated edge support to maximize the usable area of the sleep surface while facilitating proper airflow. Shop for Kingsdown.

Therapedic - Therapedic also makes handcrafted innerspring mattresses. Ranging in size from twin to king, Therapedic innerspring mattresses feature specialized coils that adjust to the shape of the body to provide customized support. The TheraWrap coil system also distributes body weight evenly across the surface of the mattress to relieve pressure, increase circulation, and ensure a night of sleep free from disruptions and restlessness. Individually wrapped, each coil functions independently from the others, which reduces the amount of movement caused by the tossing and turning of a restless sleep partner. While traditional mattress options rely exclusively on coils to provide the necessary support, Therapedic innerspring mattresses often feature layers of memory foam in addition to classic coil springs. Frequently infused with cooling gel, the memory foam abuts the underside of the sleep surface and offers additional comfort by hugging the curves of the body and regulating the temperature of the mattress. Shop for Therapedic.

Coming in both standard queen and king sizes, as well as low-profile sets with lower box springs, we are sure to stock the right bed for you.

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