Mattress Brands

Best Rated Mattress Brands Overview & Comparison

Beautyrest by SimmonsKing, Queen, Full, Twin, Twin Extra Long
  • Flagship brand for Simmons
  • Expert-crafted mattresses that ensure superior, rejuvenating rest
  • Key products:Recharge & Beautyrest Black
iComfort by SertaKing, Queen, Full, Twin, Twin Extra Long
  • Produced by Serta
  • Incorporates micro gel beads that disperse heat and pressure away from the body
  • Renowned for high levels of customer satisfaction
  • Reviews state that over 90% of customers recommend the mattresses
  • Comfort levels from plush to extra firm
KingsdownKing, Queen, Twin Extra Long
  • Uses quality materials and cutting-edge tools to handcraft each mattress
  • High tech, employs engineers and scientists
  • Runs the Sleep to Live institute to provide practical technologies
  • Innovations include the Intelligent Mattress, ProSupport Engineered Foam Mattress, and Air Chamber models
  • Offers mattresses for every size and comfort level
Sealy Posturepedic OptimumKing, Queen, Full, Twin Extra Long
  • A division of Sealy
  • Highly engineered mattresses that feature gel foam for cool rest
  • Made with gel-infused memory foam, and are cool from top to bottom
  • Outlast material infused into the mattress cover for cooling
  • An OptiSense Gel Memory Foam topper allows for body-contouring
  • Gel OptiCore center provides essential support for healthy sleep
Sealy PosturepedicKing, Queen, Full, Twin, Twin Extra Long
  • A popular name under the Sealy umbrella
  • Uses a patented innerspring system that cannot be replicated by other brands
  • Titanium alloy coils make the system strong and supportive while keeping the mattress light
  • Highest quality standards possible when making mattresses
  • Posturepedic collection includes classic mattress styles as well as innovative gel and hybrid designs
SealyTwin, Full
  • Over 130 years of expertise
  • Ranks number one in market share and can be found across the globe
  • Used in the White House
  • Conducts rigorous testing and research initiatives
  • Offers everything from budget-priced to feature-loaded deluxe
  • Operates over two dozen bedding plants
  • Wants to pioneer sleep technology
SertaKing, Queen, Full, Twin, Twin Extra Long
  • Worldwide recognition; industry leader
  • One the largest mattress manufacturers in the United States
  • Provides expansive portfolio of mattresses
  • Exclusive features include Cool Action Gel Memory Foam
  • One of the top mattress suppliers for the hotel industry
Stearns & FosterKing, Queen, Full, Twin, Twin Extra Long
  • Represents a luxury mattress brand with over 160 years of experience in the industry
  • Committed to high quality
  • Uses materials, such as Mongolian horsehair, silk, cashmere, and high-grade wools
  • Experienced craftsmanship
  • One-of-a-kind sleep systems
  • Handcrafted details, luxurious
Tempur-PedicKing, Queen, Full, Twin, Twin Extra Long
  • Innovative mattress brand that uses a specially designed TEMPUR material
  • TEMPUR material continuously reacts to a person's body shape, weight, and temperature to provide dynamic cushioning and support
  • Accommodates all sleep preferences
  • Offers several different versions of the TEMPUR material for range of cushioning, warmth retention, and feel
TherapedicKing, Queen, Full, Twin, Twin Extra Long
  • Combines foam, gel, latex, and innerspring materials
  • Many price points, lots of add-on options
  • sSpecial latex foam technology
  • Worldwide recognition

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