Euro Top Mattress

Plush Euro Top Mattresses

Euro top mattresses have an innovative design to keep you feeling cozy throughout the night. Like pillow-top mattresses, these pieces provide an additional layer of softness to an innerspring, memory foam or hybrid mattress. However, rather than using fluffy fibers for a pillowy look, mattress companies sew dense padding against the mattress surfaces for a flatter appearance and a firmer feel. More

Euro-Top Mattress Comfort Features

Along with providing a soft surface for soothing sleep, euro-top mattresses could be perfect for those who tend to sleep hot. Breathable, moisture-wicking materials keep sleepers cool and dry through the night. Depending on whether you choose a ventilated memory foam or innerspring mattress, you can enjoy increased airflow and regulated body heat while you sleep.

People who sleep on their sides or enjoy sinking into cloud-like softness at bedtime can choose a plush or ultra-plush euro-top mattress. On the other hand, back sleepers may prefer firm or extra-firm euro-top mattresses that align the hips and spine to reduce pain in the back and shoulders. Looking for something in between? Browse medium-firm mattresses for a mix of softness and support.

Size Options for Euro-Top Mattresses

Whatever the size of your space, you can find a euro-top mattress to fit your layout. Choose a twin or twin XL mattress to outfit a compact kids' room or tiny dorm. Need a roomy option for your growing teen? Consider a wide full-size mattress. You can also discover queen euro-top mattresses for spacious guest rooms and massive king-size options for grand primary bedroom suites.

Euro-Top Mattress and Bed Frame Pairings

Versatile euro-type mattresses are a perfect fit for almost any style of bed. A low-profile mattress is excellent for a sleek minimalist bed frame, while a thicker option suits a charming panel bed in a cottage-style bedroom. To add height to your classic-style bedroom's sleigh, poster or canopy bed, bundle your purchase and bring home a mattress set with a foundation.