Therapedic Mattresses & Sets

Guide to Buying Popular Therapedic Models & Products

Therapedic International fuses foam, gel, latex, and innerspring technologies to create comfortable and resilient mattresses with increased support. The brand garners worldwide recognition and positive customer reviews by improving sleep quality and decreasing mattress-related body pain, heat traps, and sleep-interrupting motion transfer. showcases a diverse selection of Therapedic mattresses and mattress sets in king and queen sizes. With varying price points and a plethora of add-on options such as mattress protector pads, frames, and box-springs, remains the best place to fill all of your Therapedic mattress wants and needs.

The memory foam included on many Therapedic mattresses forms to the body upon immersion and provides added cushion while maintaining support, distributing weight evenly, and keeping the spine aligned appropriately. Therapedic often uses gels in tandem with memory foam to keep mattresses cool to the touch throughout the night. Gel-infused foam increases oxygen exposure to the skin and may even extend the life of the mattress due to decreased heat build-up. These mattresses also come in twin and full sizes for all ages.

A tier above memory foam in both quality and environmental friendliness, latex foam spreads weight evenly and reacts to body movements quickly to ensure consistent support through the night. Though latex-based mattresses typically cost more than synthetically constructed mattresses, the naturally obtained latex breathes easy and outlasts polyurethane foam, making it a worthwhile investment for many. Innerspring systems line the insides of many Therapedic mattresses, and unlike the coils and springs used in cheaper mattresses, Therapedic encases coils in breathable materials to guarantee flexible, sturdy, and cool sleeping surfaces. The innerspring concept also reduces disturbances caused by motion, so couples sleeping side by side can move without disrupting the other's sleep.