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Stearns and Foster operates as a division of Sealy, one of the leading mattress manufacturing companies in the world. The luxury line of mattresses began in the late 1800s. The facilities used to manufacture Stearns and Foster models only produce company-brand mattresses. The brand remains notable for foam encased edging around all mattress models and the high quality of materials used in manufacturing. The brand also tempers each product twice to provide added strength, durability, and comfort. Titanium stands prominently in the overall structure of each Stearns and Foster mattress, as the element is used to create innerspring coils capable of withstanding long-term use, even under high stress, while providing high-rated contouring and support, according to many consume reviews.

Stearns and Foster is a well-known American manufacturer for luxury mattresses. This company uses skilled craftsmen with years of experience and their work is held to the highest standards for quality and craftsmanship.

Stearns and Foster was first formed in the mid 1800's to produce upholstery for high end horse carriages. It was chance that led into producing mattresses for hotel rooms and more than 150 years later Stearns and Foster mattresses are still big sellers in the bedding industry.

The attention to detail is what this company is best known for. Scrutiny to detail is given to every part of the manufacturing process to be certain every seam is correctly sewn and every detail is as perfect as it can be.

Handles are styled and the tufting is rich with stylish fabrics used even under the mattress. Only the finest quality materials are used in the construction of a Stearns and Foster mattress including silks, cashmeres, soft wools and Mongolian horsehair.


The Stearns and Foster Traditional is a bestselling mattress in the luxury market. Crafted with contemporary details, the rich style is matched by the comfort of this bedding. It is available in every possible bed size, including California King.

Comfort levels are well described as:

  • Firm - a stiff surface with just a hint of softness
  • Cushion Firm - substantial support with quilted softness for comfort
  • Plush - for those who want deep support with a cushioning surface
  • Ultra Plush - for buyers who desire deep support but ultimate softness

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