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Sealy® mattresses are renowned for their unmistakable quality and variety of comfortable features. That's why we offer several lines of Sealy mattresses in assorted sizes and styles. You'll find everything from Eurotop designs to the widely regarded Posturepedic® sleep system that put Sealy on the map. Browse our selection and find the ideal Sealy mattress complete with the features and amenities you need to enjoy a perfect night's sleep.

As one of the recognized leaders in mattress production in the United States, Sealy offers customers a wide variety of exceptional sleep surfaces to choose from when looking for that perfect night of rest. Available mattress types include traditional innerspring, hybrid, and gel memory foam. Traditional innerspring technology utilizes titanium alloy coils to ensure both comfort and durability over the life of the bed, while mattresses employing gel memory foam typically conform to the body shape and weight. The effect allows sleepers to feel as if they are sleeping in the mattress, not just on it.

The mattress allows for consistency across the entire sleep surface. Finally, Sealy makes a hybrid mattress that is half foam and half springs that offers the best of both worlds, with a cooling gel memory foam on top and titanium alloy springs underneath. The company presents buyers with each type of mattress under the standard Sealy brand, the Posturepedic marque, and the Optimum line.

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At, we proudly offer various Sealy mattresses to best suit your needs. Available in both queen and king sizes, you will be sure to find that perfect sleep surface to enjoy a comfortable night of rest that only Sealy mattresses can provide. With the classic coil innerspring system to memory foam technology, one can expect both maximum support and comfort.