LUCID Memory Foam Mattresses & Beds

Lucid mattresses are available in a wide variety of comfort options to suit your unique sleep preferences. Many mattresses feature a combination of gel-infused memory foam for relaxation and a firm foam base for support. A Lucid mattress also has targeted pressure relief and body-conforming materials for an exceptional night's sleep.

Ranging from firm, medium firm, medium plush and plush, Lucid mattresses cater to every sleep style. Firm gel memory foam mattresses include over two inches of gel foam for comfort and a bamboo charcoal-infused support layer that's over six inches thick. Similarly, plush gel memory foam mattresses feature a three-inch gel layer and more than four inches of dense foam.

Temperature regulation is a key component of Lucid mattresses. The brand uses cutting-edge technology such as heat-capturing foam to ensure you stay cool throughout the night. In addition, the top layer of most mattresses consists of ventilated foam for further heat and moisture control.

Put the finishing touch on your new Lucid mattress with the brand's collection of all-season comforters. These ultra-soft, hypoallergenic comforters feature box-stitched squares with microfiber fill, a soft fabric shell and duvet corner loops to securely anchor the comforter to the bed. For even more pressure relief, add a mattress topper with five-zone gel and lavender memory foam.