Layla Memory Foam Mattresses

Layla Mattresses & Beds

Designed to be a step above other brands, Layla memory foam mattresses offer two firmness levels on either side to accommodate different sleep preferences with a quick flip. It's the ideal product for those who feel unsure of how firm their mattress should be.

Layla mattresses have a one-of-a-kind design incorporating copper-infused gel into their memory foam layers, which has several benefits. Copper draws heat away from the body to keep you cool overnight, provides extra support for pressure points and has antimicrobial properties to keep your mattress fresh and clean over time.


All of the company's products are made in the U.S.A., and Layla, like other bed-in-a-box brands, makes it affordable and convenient for customers to find a comfortable mattress and have it shipped right to their homes. At only 80 pounds, Layla mattresses are lightweight, so they're easy to move to the bedroom and simple to flip when you want to switch from a firm surface to the softer side.

Shipping is free, and Layla offers an in-home risk-free trial of 120 nights along with a lifetime warranty. If you decide you like your Layla mattress and want to keep sleeping comfortably, you can choose financing options, as well.

Deep Pressure Relief

Layla memory foam mattresses combine several types of foam layers for maximum comfort. The support core section minimizes motion transfer, and the copper gel layer reacts to increased pressure and dynamically adjusts to provide relief where you need it most.

Side sleepers tend to experience extra pressure around their shoulders and hips, and a Layla mattress's copper cells group near these key pressure points to provide additional support and comfort, ensuring you'll get a night of deep recuperative sleep.

2-in-1 Flippable Bed

Finding the right firmness level for your body can be expensive and time-consuming, and many people settle on a subpar mattress to avoid dealing with lengthy refund processes. Layla offers a convenient alternative: a mattress with two different firmness levels you can choose with a quick flip.

Buying a Layla mattress is like buying two beds for the price of one. The soft side comes with a 4/10 firmness score, making it ideal for anyone that prefers a plush surface. The firmer side scores a 7/10, which is ideal for those who need more support and considerably less sink.

Copper-infused Cooling Design

Mattresses from Layla have a powerful combination of thermo-gel technology and antimicrobial copper memory foam to keep you at a comfortable temperature and maintain a clean, healthy sleeping space. The copper helps block odor-causing bacteria to ensure your mattress stays fresh for longer.

The top layer of luxuriously soft fabric stays cool and activates with body temperature, creating the first line of defense against heat. The copper gel memory foam layer then rapidly wicks away heat to cool your body. Deeper into the mattress, two-inch Max Airflow support foam directs excess heat away from the top layers to speed up the cooling process.

Final Words

With its copper-infused memory foam and dual-sided products, Layla is one of the leaders of smart innovation in the mattress industry. The company designs mattresses to alleviate pain, keep you cool and reduce bacteria for a cleaner, healthier night's sleep and an overall fresh and comfy bed.