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Because Kingsdown® mattresses are made to hold your body exactly the right way, you can truly relax night after night. These mattresses are available in every firmness, from extra supportive to plush, which allows you to pick the comfort level you need. Wrapped coils keep you from feeling achy in the morning, while layers of gel-infused memory foam create a balanced and cozy sleeping environment. You'll be so at ease, you'll think you're on vacation every time you sleep on a Kingsdown mattress.

Guide to Buying Popular Kingsdown Models & Products

A company with a longstanding tradition of producing quality sleeping surfaces, Kingsdown (sometimes erroneously called "king down") manufactures and sells plush, firm, and ultra firm innerspring and memory foam mattresses. The renowned mattress manufacturer places special emphasis on limiting transfer of motion, reducing odors, and impeding retention of body heat. In customer reviews, most Kingsdown mattress owners reveal above average satisfaction with their models. The wide range of options spanning soft to firm mattresses add value to available product lines, which respond well to markets targeted at couples with different sleeping surface needs. While providing varying levels of comfort, Kingsdown mattresses do not possess reversible or flip-over designs; however, customers often cite mattresses purchased from the storied company lasting a decade or more.

The softer Kingsdown mattresses for sale include queen and king models. Consumers may also choose between full and twin size firm mattress options. The choices available feature mattresses with gel-infused memory foam pads to add further support to the lower lumbar area, which helps alleviate lower-back pain. Queen and king standard and low profile sets allow shoppers to find the right fit for any sized bedroom. Customers may also purchase Kingsdown mattresses individually.

To assist you in selecting the best Kingsdown mattress for you, look through our product selection below.

The Kingsdown Company puts a spotlight on the importance of quality sleep in our lives. For years, consumers would spend weeks researching vacation destinations or choosing a new car but would only purchase bedding based on price point alone.

In recent years, we have to come expect more from our sleeping products. In part due to medical research where the connection between health and sleep has been clearly established.

Kingsdown spent 15 years developing the BodyDiagnostics system. This patented technology allows buyers to select the mattress which will be the most comfortable for their specific body type.

Although the program is sophisticated, you will find the process itself is simple for the consumer. You are asked to answer a few simple questions about yourself. Then you will lie on the pressure sensitive diagnostic mattress while the computer makes measurements and calculations.

After just a few minutes, you will have a printout which will recommend the best Kingsdown sleep system for you. This is possible as the diagnostics system creates a digital map of your body. This map includes pressure points that are uniquely yours and allows Kingsdown to create a mattress that fits your exact body profile.

Kingsdown Mattresses come in 100% foam models or innerspring models featuring their exclusive full coil support system that is designed to provide support for your spine and conform to your body. The goal is to create a mattress that allows your body to maintain the same straight line from your neck, shoulders, hips and feet that you would have in a standing position.

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