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Get the latest in mattress technology from a brand you trust, Beautyrest®. Made with support and comfort in mind, Beautyrest mattresses come in a variety of models made with gel memory foam, energy foams, quilted tops or airflow foams to maximize your relaxation and restfulness. If you sleep with a partner, invest in a bed designed with pocketed coil technology, which cuts down on motion transfer. And because the mattresses come in a variety of sizes, you can treat every member of your family to night after night of sound sleep. Get your beauty rest by choosing a high-quality and cozy Beautyrest mattress.

Guide to Buying Popular Beautyrest Models & Products

Beautyrest by Simmons offers you that perfect blend of conforming back support with the mattress company's patented pocketed coil technology. Additionally, a cooling memory foam provides pressure relief, a comfortable sleeping temperature, and true freedom of movement. The Beautyrest works on a system of individually wrapped coils that attune to both the weight and contour of your body as you sleep peacefully, thanks to the patented motion separation. Available in multiple styles, including Black Calista, Recharge, Black, and Comforpedic IQ, each mattress offers sleepers the opportunity to slumber away in style, comfort, and peace of mind by combining the best available technology with affordability.

Here at, we proudly feature Simmons Beautyrest mattresses at affordable prices that won't cause you to lose any sleep at night. Available in:

Each mattress remains available individually, in standard sets, and in low-profile sets. With qualities assured to promote exceptional conforming and restorative support, each Beautyrest mattress offers the ability to reduce motion transfer and promote airflow throughout the sleep surface, enabling augmented permanence while you slumber. Be sure to check out our collection online in order to find the Simmons Beautyrest mattress that best suits your sleeping and comfort needs.

To help you choose the best Beautyrest mattress for you, we have highlighted some key products in our selection below.

Beautyrest was perhaps one of the most advertised mattress styles for years. To this day many can remember the commercial featuring the bowling ball and BeautyRest mattress. Simmons made BeautyRest a major portion of its business by featuring the independent, individually wrapped coils that were an integral part of the BeautyRest design.

For years, the mattress remained largely unchanged with only changes in the design, color and patterns of the fabric covering the Simmons mattress with an obvious difference from one year's model to the next.

Simmons mattresses followed a strong business plan when they added the newer pillow top design and then followed with a 100% memory foam mattress. Rather than create new product line names, the new designs became part of the bestselling Beautyrest family.

Constructed with high density memory foam, the ComforPedic line offers several choices to consumers. At the low end of the price spectrum is ComforPedic Loft which offers a layer of memory foam on a more standard mattress base at a price that is quite affordable.