Airweave Mattresses & Beds

Utilizing cutting-edge technology and eco-friendly materials, Airweave mattresses are an excellent choice for high-end beds that last. This Japanese brand produces quality sleep products ranging from mattresses to pillows. Professional athletes and global lifestyle brands trust Airweave mattresses to deliver a good night’s sleep and crucial body support.

Using proprietary innovations, the company designs beds that stand above the rest. The densely interwoven material perfectly distributes weight across the mattress, ensuring comfortable rest and ease of movement. Meanwhile, the breathable materials promote air circulation, helping your Airweave mattress keep you cool.

In addition to mattresses, this brand also offers premium accessories to enhance your sleep. Mattress toppers bring all of the benefits of an Airweave mattress with the convenience of a slim foam pad. If you travel, take the comfort of Airweave mattresses with you with a portable mattress topper.