Airweave Mattress

Airweave Mattresses & Beds

Airweave mattresses come in a range of sizes and comfort levels to suit your sleep preferences. In guest rooms and teen bedrooms, a twin XL or full bed provides plenty of space to stretch out and relax. For bigger master suites, you can sleep like royalty on a queen-size or California king mattress.

Created with advanced technology and airfiber material, these beds provide several different benefits. Supportive and firm Airweave mattresses help you maintain your natural body posture for a more comfortable night's rest. Also, airfiber lowers your core temperature to give you a deeper, longer sleep.

If you need accessories, Airweave has everything you need. Shop oversized pillows that help you stay asleep while changing positions throughout the night, or check out the brand's breathable pillows designed to keep you cozy while sitting in a chair. If you're a frequent traveler, portable toppers make it feel like you're taking your Airweave mattress with you wherever you go.