Playroom Seating

Chairs, Benches & Sofas for Playrooms

Your kids will spend hours playing once they have a rec room that offers comfort and creativity. We carry everything from novelty seating and stools to sofas and beanbag chairs. With so many available colors and designs to pick from, you are sure to find something that fits your child’s personality. More

How to Choose Playroom Seating

Playrooms encourage cooperative play and help kids develop social skills, so providing comfortable playroom seating can make drawing, reading, and playing games even more fun and productive. Choosing the right pieces for your child can be simple and enjoyable for you, too. To come home with the perfect playroom seating, keep these tips about size, safety, and design in mind.

Size & Safety

Younger children can be rough on furniture, so you need pieces that are up to the challenge. To pick the most durable seating, look for playroom chairs with sturdy, splayed legs and secure seats. Also, be sure to choose pieces that comfortably seat your kids and are the right height to fit under your table.

With respect to size, make sure that playroom furniture isn't too large or heavy. Children need the independence of being able to adjust and move their own chairs, as well as safely recover if the pieces tip over. Adults may also find themselves sitting in playroom seating, so find chairs sturdy enough to accommodate and that you'll be able to get in and out of easily.

Materials & Colors

Pick seating with bright hues and cheerful patterns to create a playroom as fun and colorful as your child. Typically, kids' chairs are constructed from materials like wood, metal, vinyl or microfiber upholstery. While wood and metal offer sturdy frames and easy clean up, the soft seats and rounded corners of upholstered pieces are safe and comfortable. Share the experience and ensure you get playroom seating your child will love by working with them to pick out the best colors and materials.


Playroom seating comes in many styles, including desk, swivel, upholstered, stool, and beanbag chairs. Swivel and desk chairs work anywhere in a room, especially at desks or tables for drawing, reading, or using computers. On the other hand, upholstered seating is great for more sedentary areas such as reading nooks or gaming areas. Industrial stools offer a unique look and don't take up much space, while beanbag chairs are free of sharp edges and easy for kids to move. If you have a playroom with extra space, take a look at kid-sized sofas and sleeper sofas. This can turn a playroom into a fun hang-out spot for sleepovers with friends.